Belize Bird Facts

Belize Bird Facts

Flash back to last night – at the beach yesterday Cindy asked if I was having a day off and I said yes I think I can actually do it and – just manage minor work I did earlier. I spoke too soon – a random email I got form someone looking for Paul to help on website he did for her – getting Dichroic jewelry pictures and her hand painted greeting cards up reminded me that getting Belize Picture Jewelry in my store was a long standing task that I needed to cross off my list.

Since I was already in full work mode – I decided to get back to part 2 of bird posts from Colette. In order to finish this one I had to keep surfing through Elbert Greer’s Bird Pictures. It is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack as he has so many Belize bird pictures – enjoyable task though as he takes great photos.

Where does time go I just realized it is 6:40 and I never got around to making my sandwich for lunch that I kept thinking about or starting dinner. Finally managed to pull myself away long enough to get the chicken legs breaded and in the oven.

9:00pm my chicken is calling so I am calling it quits for work – made it as far as page 33 of looking through Elbert’s pics and found only one off the list. Saw many many cool ones and saved some for future use.

10:00pm rain is getting a lot heavier now – some tv channels are going out – thanks Agatha. Mosquitoes are just terrible – we are burning a coil inside the screen door and it still has not stopped them from bothering us. Going to go help Paul empty our bedroom closet we are concerned about everything getting soaked if the rain keeps up through the night.

Monday morning 6:30am – still looking a bit gray out there but I bet the sun will try and come out later. I am glad our One Caribbean meeting got pushed back till tomorrow – gives me time to get more done here instead.

Here is guest post from Belize Bird Rescue of bird facts that are geared more towards educating people living in Belize with pictures from Colette and Elbert Greer – Images of Belize.

Belize Bird Facts

Did you know? – the yellow-head parrot, Jabiru stork and curassow are endangered species, and Belizean birds like the scarlet macaw, mealy blue-head parrot and crested guan are approaching threatened.

Did you know? – it is illegal to keep a wild parrot or any other wild bird

Did you know? – parrots are one of the smartest birds on earth and go crazy kept in a cage.

Did you know? – Wild parrots can live for up to 90 years and produce 18-72 offspring, yet most captive parrots die within 5 years

Did you know? – habitat destruction and the pet trade have reduced some parrot species to critical levels

Did you know? – Tourists visit Belize to see Wildlife. No Wildlife = No Tourists = No Revenue for BELIZEANS

It’s time to act now – before it’s too late

Protect wildlife. And ensure the future of Belize’s children

These belize bird facts are courtesy of Colette – Be Kind Belize Humane Education Program.

Belize Bird Facts
Parrot - Colette - Be Kind Belize
Belize bird facts
Crested Guan - Colette - Be Kind Belize
Belize bird facts
Curassow - Elbert Greer

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