San Pedro Belize beach pictures

It rained today

Went to good by breakfast this morning at Georges Kitchen.

Bill and Becky are gone now – sad to leave but will be happy to be home and see their dogs.

Afterward Leah-Ann KC Laura and klcman all went fishing with Tulu.
Paul Shannon and I went for a visit at changes in Latitudes on the way back to town.

Met 2miles and his wife Tona, and their friend Josh this aft at blue water, really nice folks. I hope to see them again later tonight or tomorrow.

Taking it easy right now as I am heading to BC’s in a minute to catch up with Shannon then off we go south.

After having a wonderful time at Banana Beach, 2 miles and Tona offered us a ride to canucks by boat – how lucky is that? The gang was all having fun when we got there and the band was in full swing. Was not long before Cindy Andi-Lee and Peter turned up to say hi.

Decided to go back to town to meet up with Shannon at Fido’s and ran into Carole on the way.

I think I need a vacation ha ha.

Banana Beach

KC and Shannon

Band was rocking – Belikin Bill on Harmonica

Tq and klcman

Laura and KC

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