island webcam

Island webcam temporary new location

It’s official. Cowboy Doug and I took over Storm Chaser’s webcam as he and his lovely wife Theresa are moving stateside.

Todd and I tried to get it set up on the roof at Banana Beach Resort Wednesday afternoon  for a lovely sea view. Due to the distance from the office and having to go 3 stories up and to the front of the building, we discovered to make it work we need a wireless transmitter.

Since we could not just run out to Best buy or Radio Shack and  pick one up, Todd is helping us figure out what will work best and sending me links of what we need to buy and get brought to Belize to make it work.

For now taco cam is showing a lagoon / canal view on the island and you will see planes flying by off and on all day. Yesterday I watched our wonderful garbage-men doing routine pickup and helping keep the island clean.

My TGIF moment for today is heading to the south end of the island with a few friends for a tour of  Marco Gonzalez Maya Site with Jan Brown.

island webcam
Our island Garbage-men doing a wonderful job
island cam
Watch planes flying all day


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