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Indecisive November Weather


Belize in November

Our November weather can be unpredictable but I would still take it over Canadian winter any day. After all who wouldn’t want to trade in snow and slush for highs of 28°Cor 76°F lows of  23°C or 73°F and  cool windy days with lots of sunshine. Even our worst cold fronts have been better than what we faced in our cold old Victorian style house.

As far as weather Belize goes, lots of rain so far this month and the puddles are getting to be pretty monstrous right now.  As far as today goes, it has been an indecisive weather day – we keep alternating between short bursts of sun and fast heavy rain showers.

Here are a few pics of our recent puddle weather – even though it gets a bit crazy I would still pick mud puddles over snow and winter any day. I feel so lucky that it is Nov 10th and I am sitting here with the veranda door open wearing shorts and a tank top.

If you are looking for a good weather app to download check  out Weather Underground on Google Play. I like it because when you find a rainy forecast, you can opt to search by hour and you will usually find that percentages are much lower than they seem during the day. This also helps you gauge which times of say stand a higher chance of downpours and help you prepare accordingly.

Weather Belize

Notice the angel of the cart and how deep the front tires is sinking into the potholed puddle

Belize in November

it is often a solemn course driving on back roads in San Pedro

Belize in November

A break from puddles with an island hopper flying over San Pablo canal

Belize in November

Dianne Lawrence Quicksilver Messenger

Weather Belize

A little rain will not stop our island messenger service

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  1. tacogirl November 11, 2008

    I was not bothered either – was quite relaxing but then I did not have to go far today.

  2. tq November 11, 2008

    We had the same weather here in Houston today. I’m not bothered but hope it clears soon. 🙂


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