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In Belize Time Often Flies Too Fast

A week has flown past in  the blink of an eye and the dog ate my what I did for American thanksgiving day post 🙂 Thankfully the pictures were saved and I am doing it again today, unfortunately minus the salon first turkey after.

Since we do not have a a local Oriental medicine clinic to choose a professionals from, Cindy and Andy’s reports of a woman that comes from Belize City and does affordable, enjoyable and successful treatments were enough for us to want to get on the treatment list asap.

In case you are not totally familiar with benefits of acupuncture and getting a treatment: it can relieve pain, reduce symptoms and balance the body.  The acupuncturist may insert up to 20 different needles at various points and  you will feel a small prick when the needle is inserted. Keep in mind that pain is subjective, and many people experience little or no pain from acupuncture while for others it may be stronger.

After assessing needs, medical condition, etc, Dr. Angie started my treatment. The needles were not  too bad overall considering I am not a fan.  Angie gave a warning when there would be a shock or jolt of pain with it, for others she gave an all clear that there would be no pain surge attached  to that needle. At some points it felt like she was flicking them but I did not open my eyes to see exactly what she was doing.

I knew I was supposed to relax, and let my muscles loosen, easier said than done. During the treatment it was very clear how overactive my brain was by the sharp pain of the needle in my right hand when I tried  to move it. I thought loudly to myself RELAX and do not waste this treatment with your chattering mind. The more I focused on breathing and relaxed into it the more I was able to slow my brain down. After doing my arms legs and stomach, Dr. Angie had me roll over and did my back. When she removed the needles, she followed up with heat and glass cupping which both felt really good.

Treatment had immediately propelled me into Belize time and there was no way I was going a thanksgiving day lunch at Pedro’s Hotel with 40 or so people. Of course tacoboy who had figured this would be the case brought me home a big to go plate. My first time getting acupuncture left me feeling relaxed and content and I was going to quietly savor the moment as long as I could.

I loved acupuncture and cannot wait  to go back this afternoon.  Today my goal is to shut my brain off faster, lie quietly for the duration of my 60 min treatment and try to think of very little.

7 Acupuncture Side Effects That Are Normal By Sara Calabro. I definitely experienced symptoms 2, 3 and 6.

belize hair salon
Heading to GC Esthetic
belize salon
Time for a cut color and brow wax
driving in belize
Puddles still bad on back roads – see make shift palate walkway and how deep cart tires are
san pedro belize
Veronique waiting to be seen and very relaxed Andy after treatment
acupuncture belize
I can honestly say I am excited to be going back for more acupuncture needles and I am not a fan of needles in general
glass cupping jars
Cupping jars were used on our backs after treatment
thanksgiving in belize
I could not imagine doing anything but bed after my treatment so Paul brought thanks giving to me



4 thoughts on “In Belize Time Often Flies Too Fast

  1. Terri Mason says:

    Hello, my Husband and I are looking to possibly move to Belize and I have some health issues that require acupuncture treatment. I was wondering if it was available and how you felt about it?
    Thanks soooo much in advance!!!!!

  2. Eric Mallory L.A.c. says:

    Hello can you tell me if there is anded for a Acupuncturist, Naturopath, M.D. there I would love to move but need to work Thank you for any response Blessings Eric Mallory L.A.c. M.D. N.D.

  3. Miranda says:

    Laurie, I am officially ” in contract” on a condo at Ambergris Lake Villas. You may know this already from Paul. Anyway, I am coming down for the month of March, and really wanted to bring one of my little dogs with me, but it all sounds too complicated and difficult, for just a month’s visit.
    Anyway, your
    Thanksgiving dinner looks yummy. Maybe we can do something together in March?

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