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Picture Perfect

It would be a challenge not to take a good picture here in Belize no matter what your skill level. The island of Ambergris Caye and the country of Belize are very colorful and image rich. The idea of my “Belize Please” photo contest came from wanting to see more of that color and richness, to see it through different people’s vision, snapshots of a place we all love.

In addition to finding my way in developing my tech abilities, living on a tropical island and taking so many pictures for my blog has given me the opportunity to learn more about who I am and what I like through the images I capture. It’s also given me a deeper sense of appreciation of my surroundings. I can’t tell you how many times I missed a shot and just enjoyed the moment, knowing that I would not be short on opportunities to capture a different moment in time that is just as special in it’s own way.

While some people are conservative picture takers, many of us (myself included) use our digital camera freedom to the fullest extent. I snap way too many pictures, but I always happily edit them later feeling great.

I’m still going through older posts looking for more gems. While you wait, please feel free to enjoy pictures from Cindy’s birthday party.

So far there are 6 entries for the Belize Please photo contest. Correction, make that 12 entries now. Boy, do my secret judges have their work cut out for them. I definitely earned a nice break. Going to go for a bike ride and visit Zac at his new diggs.

This afternoon Zac and I proved the well known theory that the laws of time and space travel are different here. A person traveling on Belize time can reach a destination long before the text message that was beamed through space stating that they are on their way, arrives.

Maurice and Rico send a shout out to Cindy the Conqueror – your visit was exemplary.

Please remember that when entering the Belize Please photo contest to state which category your picture is, to place your submissions and name(s) for photo credits. Titles are optional. Photo contest categories are people, animals, nature, creative and action. I have gone through my photos and selected one to represent each category as an example.

Walter ordering a beer

People – Walter, one my most photographed

Baby jaguar at the Belize zoo

Animals – baby jaguar at the Belize zoo

Sunset from Ambergris Caye

Nature – taken in memory of my friend Roy, who loved sunsets

Fuzzy picture of a man

Creative – thought waves; this was tacoboy’s pick

Action – pointing at people falling from the sky

3 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks previously.bitten

    Got them Michele and they downloaded fin will have my tech-tacoboy size everything before it goes up

  2. Michele in Playa says:

    Just sent of my submissions to you. Sorry about the large files and let me know if they cause you any trouble.

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