Iguana Juan's Comedy Night

Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat Before Iguana Juan’s Comedy Night

I was offered to come and experience the food and eclectic vibe at Iguana Juan’s Restaurant and Bar.

It was their first professional stand up comedy show with Rob Sherwood. I was not familiar with him so I decided to let it be almost a complete surprise as to what he is like. I say almost as I went old school and messaged two friends to see what they thought of him. I got different reviews, and one knew him right away the other had to Google. Neither mentioned that he was very cute with a lovely looking girlfriend 😀

The only other thing I knew about Rob came from the email invitation from Iguana Juan’s co-owner Shannon Reeder – he is the opening act for Carrot Top in Las Vegas, and he has headlined clubs across the US and abroad. I always liked the end scene of The Hangover movie where the guys are scrolling through all the pictures from their crazy night and they saw they had been partying with carrot top. 

The day of the show I became a curious cat and almost Googled but I reminded myself I was playing with the art of surprise and enjoying not knowing a single thing about the person I was going to watch perform.

The show was starting at 8:00 pm with a cattle call of 7:30. Since I wanted to try the food there first my friends Cindy, Deb, and I decided to go for 7:00. When we got there the place was pretty full. We got the last indoor table.

Funny how a piece of bacon can instantly change a girls mind especially when cheese and avocado join the party. I had preplanned to have a veggie burger but as soon as I saw the “Cali” burger topped with crispy bacon, swiss cheese, and avocado, I was sold hook line and sinker. Deb decided to call a split between us and ordered my second choice the ABC Panini Apple, Bacon and Cheddar served on panini press french toast and sprinkled with powdered sugar. For sides, she picked wheatberry salad and I opted for potato hash. The burger and potatoes won, wheatberry turned out to be couscous (always verify specialty items before ordering at restaurants in Belize). Cindy went for my original thought the Black Bean burger. For dessert, I could not resist key lime pie – I enjoy the sweet-tart combo after a savory meal.

Iguana Juan's Comedy Night

As for the surprise part I mentioned above, there were a couple of more comedians than I expected and the one I was planning to be surprised by made me laugh.  

The comedy crew of Iguana Juan’s co-owner, Brad Reeder, Crazy Canucks co-owner Rob Burrows, Gains Kelly, and headliner Rob Sherwood came together to make us laugh. They cracked jokes about everything from tourists to no necks and sex. The odd time there were crickets but that made it funnier when the comedian on stage came back with a zinger to crack up the crowd. 

I was happy to have a chance to enjoy an early evening and few laughs with friends so close to home. I really do enjoy being a town girl 😀 

San Pedro Belize

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About Iguana Juan’s

This new Ambergris Caye restaurant and bar is bringing live comedy and other entertainment to Back Street.

Foodwise, Iguana Juan’s offers a mixed menu of American and Central American cooking with healthy options and fresh ingredients. You will find ceviche, salads, sandwiches, vegetarian dishes, burgers, tamales, and more.

Opening hours are 11:00 am – 10:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday and they usually answer quickly on Facebook messenger.

As their taglines says… Iguana Juan’s is conveniently located upstairs, of an old building, on a back street, on an island, in Central America.

Aside from comedy, the Reeders are planning to add to the social scene with Saturday morning reggae brunches featuring local musicians and hosting an interactive tamale making class. Although the business is still new, people are already weighing in with favorable Iguana Juan’s restaurant reviews.

Now you can save a few dollars when you decided to visit Iguana Juans. Save 10% on nachos at Iguana Juans downtown San Pedro. Photo coupon must be shown upon ordering. See more countrywide discounts.Ambergris Caye Belize Restaurants

About the Owners

After selling their business in the US in 2013, Brad and Shannon Reeder began to explore Belize. They first lived in Hopkins before making the move to San Pedro in 2015.

The couple brings years of comedy club and restaurant experience and a willingness to learn doing it successfully island style to Iguana Juan’s. The Reeder’s owned one of the top 10 comedy clubs in the US as ranked by USA Today, along with two restaurants, in their hometown of Raleigh, NC. Brad is also a professional comedian. He has opened for Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld and has been on TV’s Comedy Central, Evening at the Improv and Last Comic Standing.

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