San Pedro Belize beach pictures

I just won 64,000

All chores and no play is a bit too boring, so I supplemented by chatting Gailtor and Colly on the coconut phone, drinking iced coffee and playing who wants to be a Millionaire – can’t seem to win more than 64,000 this morning.

On Sundays I do the sheets – today I decided to add in cleaning the fridge as well. I figured may as well get a few things accomplished before heading off to the beach bbq at Catamaran [great beach bar at Caribbean Villas Hotel]. There is always so much to be done. Sometimes it seems never ending especially with the dust that reappears as fast as you can clean it. Ok enough about the less glamorous side of San Pedro time for a pc break.

Shout out to Lynn, in Coal Valley, IL who tunes in daily to get her San Pedro fix. You Tube clip of Walter Windsurfing.

Paul heading down the path

Steve and Walter manning the bbq

Catamaran beach bar

Walter windsurfing

Windsurfer boy


Walter gliding by

Walter on the move

Break time

Break time is over

Heading for dry land

Playing quizwit music trivia game – courtesy of Nascargirl and family

Raising a glass to Sara – Walters girl

Walter making sure I get in my blog

Cindy joins in

Playing mini jenga courtesy of Wade the gringo.

4 thoughts on “I just won 64,000

  1. masparasol says:

    Nice to see the group that I meet again, everyone looks a little different, but they all look happy. 🙂

  2. Mary Mooney says:

    Well do you go to BC’s on Sunday or Catamaran beach bar.. or do you do both on Sunday? Oh do you have dust in San Pedro? Mary…

  3. Tim Callanan says:

    Love the pics of Walter on the wind surf board. Let Walt know if you see him, We were asking for him. Walt is a Great chef and friend ,one more; asset to our little community. See ya next time.

  4. glorv1 says:

    I love to play Millionaire, if only. Heading off to the beach for a bbq sounds great. Don’t feel bad about the dust, you ought to see the dust I get. Have a great time at the bbq.

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