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I finally did it

Caught an update from Drummer Dan on facebook this morning… Drummer Dan – Made it to Boston! We’re on Marthas Vineyard and tomorrow we go to Berklee. Bob, Derrick and I are going to see Vinx as well. He’s teaching at Berklee! Hope all is well on the island! I still hate shoes!

After about a year of sitting on the fence  I finally picked a side and joined Linked in –  LinkBelize group and The Biggest Fans of The Big Idea.  Downside to this idea… initial flooding of gmail – Upsides… lots of people are on there and accepting my invite – site is very easy to navigate. To give you an idea of numbers I just joined and already have 119 connections in just over an hour.

My connections keep climbing I am up to 148 now and already had an proposal to hook up and do lunch with someone – I am thinking the juice may be worth the squeeze to join Linked in website.

Message from Scott regarding a Catamaran Ride this Sunday July 11th on No Rush with Steve – We have 3 people now and need at least 6 to go out but no more than 8 total. Price is $75 US per person and includes rum punch and lunch. No snorkeling gear is provided. I would prefer no kids and only people who like to have a good time. We will likely go to Caye Caulker. If you are interested leave comment and I will hook you up with his phone number.

Might be back later visiting with Cindy – Lara and Paul.

Here is something of interest a Blogs About Belize list where you ill find a wide variety of Belize blogs.

Coastal Express Dock


  1. Yes…..and it’s the last day of Lobsterfest at Caye Caulker too!!!

  2. No kids? That’s kind of mean. But anyway, you should enter the boat into the club sailing race instead 😉


  3. Good point Cindy I did not know that.

  4. I agree with the no kids thing James – having said that if certain people came up to me and said my kids are cool for the boat I would have agree and allow them. Funny how that works – I remember as a kid being given the option to eat dinner at the same time as usual or wait and eat with the adults – I held out for the bbq and late night swimming of course.

  5. Its weird tho….. its like if u have 20+ people going,it seems OK to include kidos but with a more intimate group, not really. Wish I was there to go!

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