hurricane season

Hurricane Season Belize

Time to Prepare

As time moves on, Belize weather does too. It’s coming around to hurricane season again so I have started to get all my bits and pieces in order. I made my own first aid kit and used a plastic container that sheets come in to put all the stuff. Although my kit is not   complete it is a decent start – I will just keep adding in things as I go along. If anyone has any good suggestions please leave comment. You can never be too prepared for weather in Belize – especially during hurricane season.

Next I will make my plastic grab and go pack next for all our important ID and passports. I scored a nice waterproof bag at a stuff swap. Paul had grabbed it off the table for me thinking it was a raincoat but when I checked it had rain pants inside. Dianne was thrilled with the pants and I was more than happy to keep the packaging – thanks to Amanda Syme who brought rain gear and made us both happy campers.

Can’t wait for the stuff swap at the Blog Fiesta meet and greet in June. I have put a big box of stuff aside and now that we are moving I am going to keep adding to my pile as much as I can. Cindy started her pile too and dropped a load of clothing at our place to add on.

Pedro’s Hotel is having a huge  lobsterfest special From June 14-22
3 nights 150 USD – 5 nights 200 USD – 7 nights 230 USD

hurricane season belize

Crank radio and flash lights galore. Some crank or string pull some battery some even glow in the dark so you can find it right away when the power goes out. Many of my flashlights came from friends and one was my dad’s.

I love my lantern dot-it and dragon lights as well they are super handy. Since my original getting dot-it from suecate who happens to work at Sylvania I have ordered a 6 pack from amazon and made this item an addition to my present drawer they make great gifts.

Top right is something new I have yet to try that gailtor brought me a battery operated cell phone charger.

hurricane season belize

Band-aids –  toucan matches – hurricane safety tips – this is NEMO – advil – ibuprofen – stomach settler packs – lip conditioning treatment -gauze – scissors – q-tips – 3 rain ponchos – package of needle – hand sanitizer and individual wipes – 18 small white facecloth rolls – flask – health preparedness go pack including vinyl gloves hand sanitizing gel – hand sanitizing wipes single use thermometers ear loop masks

hurricane season san pedro belize

2 thoughts on “Hurricane Season Belize

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the reminder Tom I just had gorilla tape in my hand the other day need to keep it aside. Luckily Banana Beach a very sturdy hotel is close to us and they have a generator.

  2. Tom Pricde says:

    Great idea to post this, especially this time of the year. Don’t foget lots of duct tape, and rope to tie things down. If you have a pool drain it down a foot before an impending event and put all your pool furniture in the pool if it can be in the water. A generator is nice with a large supply of gasoline if affordable.

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