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Hurricane Prep

I went to the Chamber meeting today to hear Jim Janmohamed (NEMO) speak on being prepared and evacuation procedures.

He gave a great speech and I learned a lot.

After Hurricane Keith people were without running water for 4 – 5 days and electricity for 30 days. The waves were up to 7 foot high on the lagoon side.

So far this year it is predicted we will have 17 storms and 9 hurricanes with 5 of the 9 being a category 3 or higher. Category 3 hurricanes have winds of 101 – 130 mph.

I will keep working on personal plan

On a side note I walked 3371 steps today which is .95 of a mile. It was a bit stop and start so I did not get any aerobic activity, and I was lucky enough to get a boat ride home from the advisory board meeting, thanks Cullen.

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