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The big day is finally here. I have not mentioned it earlier but for a while now I have been in on helping plan and decorate for a big surprise party. It has been a lot of fun and keeping a few of us quite busy. (right up till the last minute) We leave to go decorate asap, and I still have to finish the shrimp ceviche.

What a great party the guest of honor was totally surprised. Everyone had a great time and there were so many fun moments. She opened her giant present and a Leprechaun popped out and started dancing “ limbo dancing was too funny and the party was great. The Leprechaun was played by none other than the talented Lobster Fest Queen. She did an outstanding job.

For anyone who lives on Ambergris Caye Belize, one thing you know is that al occasion cards and invitations are not east (or cheap) to find in shops here. Of course on line is a huge help for finding great free birthday invitations options.

Decorating crew got the BYC all decked out

Colorful fun decorations everywhere

Great day for a party

Limbo poles

Joe – he just loves pulling the tacos ( and anyone else) in the pool

Birthday banner

Custom made Mermaid pinata

Party favors

Flower arrangements were beautiful

Hooray for balloon blowers

Rebbecca did great work

Rebecca’s cupcakes YUM

Thankfully we did not get rain

Seating area

Dos taco’s

Forrest and Marilyn

Wind kept blowing beach balls

Pupusa lady and her family

Flowers were great

Colorful decorations

Rebecca from Tabu made the cake


MMM cupcakes

Paul and Island Dog

Waiting for the guest of honor

Birthday Girl being surprised by her daughter and granddaughter

Birthday girl and family

Birthday girl

Enjoying the party

Night time shot

I could not resist sharing a cupcake with a couple of local Holy Cross kids -they appreciated it

Giant present time

Leprechaun being lifted out of the box after she popped out to surprise birthday girl

Leprechaun doing her dance for birthday girl

Leprechaun and birthday girl

Dancing Leprechaun was absolutely priceless

Limbo girl

Walter doing limbo

How low can you go

Limbo fun

Leprechaun did a slide under the pole

Getting lower

Birthday girl doing hoakey pokey

Jan doing the hoakey pokey

Hoakey pokey

Leprechaun is a great dancer

Walter and Leprechaun

Having fun

Paul and Cindy – the got loads of great footage –

Walter shaking it up

Walter got sexy

Love that hair

Shake it

Walter and Leprechaun

Furry Muppet

Forest did a great job with the 50/50

The Leprechaun and her mom won the 50/50

Taking a swing

Mermaid was pretty solid

Birthday girl broke the pinata

tacoboy and the mermaid

Birthday girl breaks the pinata

Pinata grab

Dancing the night away

6 thoughts on “Birthday Blog another surprise party

  1. renita says:

    Hat’s off to Taco Girl “Laurie”…for a great job in party planning. With Rebecca’s help the party was everything I wanted it to be. You Girls Rock!!! We’ll be talking about this party for months to come. Sincerly, Renita Changes In Latitudes

  2. Tiffany says:

    WOW! You guys know how to throw a FAB party! I’m missing the girls from Changes in Latitudes (guess I need to plan another trip?). Tell ’em “hi” for me next time you see them!

  3. Janet says:

    What a wonderful party for Cindy! Not only does she look fabulous, she IS fabulous. Renita, Rebecca and everyone else who put this party together did an absolutely amazing job! After visitng, I totally understand how so many people make San Pedro their home!

  4. Kristin says:

    The party was awesome! Good job Renita, Rebecca, and everyone else that was in on the surprise! I loved being a part of it, and can’t wait for my next trip down to see everyone!

  5. Joanne O'Brien says:

    WOW! SOME PARTY>>>> Can’t wiat for New Years !!!!!! and to meet all your cool friends!
    Keep sending the pics I love them

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