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Hurricane Ernesto Belize

Since last night a lot of timelines have been set in place.There has been a curfew set from 10:00pm tonight till 10:00am tomorrow morning while the storm passes except for those on duty. No alcohol sales from noon onward.  If you are planning to evacuate from the island the Water taxis will be stopping at noon today. Steve Schulte CEO of Tropic Air, confirmed flights will also be stopping at noon, however international flights into Belize have not been canceled as of yet. Evacuation is still on a voluntary basis.

We had a good turn out at the meeting this morning. Frank Panton  led the discussion and updated us with important information regarding Hurricane Ernesto.

Rapid intensification of the storm has not happened yet but still expected. We will experience sustained winds oh 55 knots or 65 mph. Currently the Caribbean sea temperature is 29 degrees  1 degree  less than yesterday. It is expected that the storm will intensify before it makes landfall and is currently traveling West North West and will turn a bit south. All computer storm models are showing in sync with each other.

Time of Ernesto’s arrival will be within within 24 h, winds will pick up to 80 mph by 6am and storm intensification will stop by 8am. Hurricane Ernesto is currently 250 miles east of Belize 180 miles away from Roatan Honduras. Ernesto will affect Honduras, entire cost of Belize, Chetumal, east coast of Yucatan and end up at  Bay of  Campeche by Wed afternoon.

3-5 inches of rain is expected over 24h period and will be more extreme over mountains on the mainland Belize. Waves 2-4 ft over normal, Corozal may see more of storm surge. At 8am during high tide we can expect up to 6 ft of waves. Night will be less less as tide will be going out.

Low laying areas such as DFC, San Pedrito, Elliot subdivision and San Mateo will need to evacuate and find safer accommodations, 50% of San Mateo should not stay put and head to a shelter center by this afternoon. Those in safer houses need to make sure they have potable drinking water and adequate supplies. In San Mateo there is a risk pipes breaking and water contamination.  Shelters at Shalom, Living Word Church and San Pedro High School will be open and taking people from 200pm -6pm. Strict shelter rules, NO candles or matches at shelters, NO pets, and bare minimum of stuff. People are requested to stay with friends and family first and use shelter only in the event they have no where else to go.

Lara Goldman HURRICANE TIP: Roll up towel in bottom of large trash bag. Place bag OUTSIDE door, pull opening of bag under the door so that the roll is flush with the bottom of the OUTSIDE of the door. Pull taunt. The water will press the towel and bag to the bottom outside of the door forming a seal against water. Putting on the inside of the door doesn’t do diddly. Lesson learned and tested to success in Hurricane Dean :)

Next NEMO meeting at 12:00 pm.

belize hurricane season
Boats are docking safely on the lagoon side of the island.
hurricane season in belize
Rhonda interviewing Mayor Danny and Manuel Heredia
Tropical storm ernesto
Rhonda, Mayor Danny and Manuel Heredia
san pedro belize weather
Central Park downtown San Pedro
hurricane information
NEMO has taken over Reef Radio and TV
hurricane ernesto belize
David, Danny, Manuel and Frank


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  1. Dr Al says:

    Good luck. I rode out Hurricane Dean 5 years ago. That was a storm not the summer breeze headed your way. The power was out for 5 days and I survived on 4 cases of beer, Danish ham, kraft dinner and mangos. No damage though except to the yard. Be brave Laurie. Read Psalm 23 and John 11:25 …should provide some comfort.

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