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How I spent my afternoon

I was futzing around on my computer when Paul came home from the post office with a package for me. I told him he could open it and see what it was – turned out to be one of the books I ordered off eBay – Screw it Let’s do it by Richard Branson.

As soon as I picked it up I was hooked – ended up reading the whole book (106 pages) cover to cover. As far as role models go I will say Richard ranks right up there at the top. His philosophy is about having fun, along with work then all else will fall into place resonates well with me. I have to say the way Paul and I have set our lives up here we have definitly added new dimension to the have fun part and I totally get what he is talking about in that respect. It’s not that we never had any fun in Canada, I just knew I was not where I was supposed to be, doing the right job or living the life I was supposed to be living. On top of it all we were not really getting ahead financially.

First paragraph…

The press call me and my partners at Virgin ‘Mavericks in Paradise.’ There’s no doubt that we tend to do things in a less stuffy way than most businesses – and I have ended up with two tropical islands to have fun on – so it must be true. And for me it works. I work hard I play hard.


I have always wanted to change my life by thriving on chances and adventure. The motive that drives me has always been to set myself challenges and see if I could achieve them. Every lesson I have learned has been a direct result of these tests.

They include:
Just do it
Think yes, not no
Challenge yourself
Have goals
Have fun
Make a difference
Stand on your own feet
Be loyal
Live life to the full

Last paragraph…

All things in this book are my lessons and my goals in life, the things I believe in. But they are not unique to me. Everyone needs to keep learning. Everyone needs goals. Each and every one of my lessons can be applied to all of us. What ever we want to be, what ever we want to do, we can do it. Go ahead, take that first step – just do it.

Here are a few things I have discovered I have in common with Richard Branson.
We are both dyslexic
We have both published our own magazine
We both enjoy tropical Islands (only he owns his)
We both write stuff down in school notebooks
We both walk on the road less traveled
We both try to make a difference – can’t wait to be at his level – checkout his efforts at Virgin Unite

Nascargirl just called from paradise internet cafe and we made plans to meet up at Pedro’s for pizza and wii. Tonight will be the first run of playing guitar hero.

I got an email today with a call for ‘sugar, rice and flour sacks.’ If you happen to have any laying around that you want to recycle or know of a good source to get them please email me via the addy in my profile.

Paul reliving days of his youth

Walter rockin out

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