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How I got Thrown into Belize Time at Home

You may have read in previous blog posts about how the island is like Sesame Street and a simple trip to the store can have you instantly on delay and often catapulted into a new direction for any number of reasons. You might run into friends and decide to hit a beach bar or, you could get “paraded”.  Island people love parades and there is nothing better to remind you why you came here than to get caught behind one. It forces you to slow down and appreciate life’s unexpected surprises and delays. 

Getting Derailed and Enjoying it

Home is not safe from getting on Belize time either and just like parades instead of being bothered by the delay I try to appreciate the moment and enjoy what I get from it over getting in a funk as I am increasingly veered off course. 

I had made my a list and my brain was set to maximum productivity to accomplish a few tasks before going out.

Suddenly I found myself starting to get derailed from my mission of playing tinder tour guide (a great way of learning about where you just landed) and was further pulled away from everything by unexpected company. Because I live in town, it is easy for people to do the “pop-in” on their travels.

It started with my friend Percy dropping by to say a quick hello on his way to pay the electric bill.

Then I was back to work writing the WestJet YYZ-BZE seat sale and Belize Airline Information post. I was making good progress towards finishing and the phone rang. Friends Lara and Richard were looking for a quick pitstop before heading out for a boat day.

I looked at the clock and knew I would not finish before I had to leave anyway. So told them to come on over. They had called from down the street and were there in minutes and just like Percy, they did not stay long.

Moving Onto Island Time

The place I had to be was GC Esthetic for my monthly cut, color and brows. I messaged Carole that I was on my way with a bank first. I was still ahead of my appointment at that time in spite of how off track my morning had gotten.

I grabbed my bag and transistor radio and booted it to Atlantic ATM on Front Street, stopping short at the corner. No need to hurry any further, the lineup was ensuring that I was now in Island time and longer walking to the salon. Hitching a ride or hailing a cab had just of my plan to get there as close to time as I could.

Belize Time

I walked as far as Carlo and Ernie’s Runway Bar before I caught a cab – seems they were also on Belize time ha ha. There were plenty of hitch-worthy rides (so easy with golf carts) and I bet I could have scored one but for some reason that day I did not feel like asking.

San Pedro Belize

As it turns out I made the best decision. My cab driver Fidel, had great music playing. “I Stop the World and Melt With You” by Modern English – 80’s era. Very fitting as it was an upbeat song on my “date day” I was getting all dolled up to enjoy a fun Saturday to myself. I told him I liked his music, we chatted a bit and minutes later I was at the Salon. If you ever need a good cab driver on Ambergris Caye with great tunes, I recommend Fidel’s Taxi Service 664-6484.

Ambergris Caye Belize Taxi Cab

My salon visit was relaxing and with Carole doing my hair and getting 5 minutes of chill time on the massage table while Kathy did my brows. You know you have a good team on your hands when your hairdresser reminds you “it’s time” when you see her out and about and your brow girl does not even ask but just starts including your upper lip occasionally (TMI, but often a true story when you age).

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the big December 3rd CG Esthetic party/fundraiser for Raise Me Up from Noon until 5:00 pm. Even if you do not want to get glamor shots done, there will be loads of other activities everything from tarot cards to teeth whitening. Their salon parties are great. There will be live music, plus a great clothing and stuff swap. $5 will get you some great shopping. If you have clothing or stuff in gently used condition to donate please contact Carole or Kathy at the Salon to make arrangements for drop off or pick up.

Belize Beauty Salon

My Haircut Passed the 4-day challenge

So I decided to take a rare couple of selfies, one after the salon and one uncombed 4 days later. It stood the test of time and that is the extended joy of a good haircut. (Ordinarily, I wash after 2 days)


tacogirl San Pedro Belize

I came out feeling uplifted and pretty. I was ready for a nice walk after I minorly got sidetracked having fun getting sprayed by the car wash as I walked down the lane.

Belize Car Wash

I enjoyed the road home, it was a bright, warm day. The kind that just makes time feel like it could almost stand still and you just want to soak it all in – the vibrancy and happiness of the day. Everywhere I looked I saw a pop of color and along with my music it made me feel good.

Ramon's Hotel area San Pedro Belize

Downtown San Pedro Belize

It also continued to be musical surprise day. As I rounded the corner by the Tropic Air baggage claim, I caught some Garifuna drumming in honor of the November 19th Holiday. They drew a large crowd. 

Garifuna Celebration San Pedro Belize 2017
Garifuna Celebration Belize 2017

As I got to my one stop along the way, Louis’s fruit market on Back Street, the same song came on my playlist that was playing in Fidel’s taxi.

Melt with You Lyrics

The future’s open wide
hmmm hmmm hmmm
hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm
hmmm hmmm hmmm
hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

It made me smile and I thought about how imperfectly perfect this world is and even though it did not go according to plan, it was a great day so far. 

At that point, I had not totally decided how I was going to spend my “date evening” but TV led the way forward. While enjoying a late lunch of tangine chicken, I got pulled into watching three back to back thriller movies 😀

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