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How I Fared on my Guinness for Gas Cap Exchange

When Mary and I stopped to gas up, the station attendant pointed out that the gas cap was missing. I knew we could easily go get one at Captain Sharks but I decided to pass by the Tropic Air Hanger first to see if Dick could help me find a spare one. As we pulled up to the window, he happened to be standing right there with a few of the mechanics. While I was asking him about a getting a cap from Glen, Lindsberg overheard our conversation and offered that he had a spare cap and he would bring it the next day.

Sure enough not long after Dick got to work, I got a text that said: Cap here, some Guinness for Lindsbrg would be nice. I was glad he gave me drink preference as I was just going to do regular Belikin or Rum. I picked up 6 beers in Boca Del Rio,  headed to the hanger to trade them for the gas cap. After that I delivered it to Felipe at Pedro’s Hotel so it could get on the cart that needed it.

How will did I far in my gas cap barter? 6 Beers cost me $24 BZD and a new gas cap at Captain Sharks would have cost $32 BZD. Hearing how happy Lindsberg was with his Guinness beers priceless. He took them home on his break to make them nice and cold for a Friday night treat after work.

Here are a few pictures I took over the last couple days as I joyrode around with with Mary and Dick.

dontown san pedro
Updated picture of the work on the lagoon side
san pedro town
Lagoon side of the island
san pedro belize
Shine your light bright
san pablo belize
Driving through San Pablo
belize coffee
Mayan Treasure Coffee sign at Save On
beize bar
Afternoon visit at Crazy Canucks
el divino restaurant banana beach resort
Cobb salad for lunch at El Divino
belize bars
Back to Canucks for Friday night trivia


8 thoughts on “How I Fared on my Guinness for Gas Cap Exchange

  1. Dr Al says:

    Guiness beer must be served at precisely 9 degrees Celsius (48F ). This is the ideal temperature. Anything else is considered gauche. Just sayin’

  2. Emily says:

    Is the Mayan Treasure coffee new, Laurie? Never saw it on the island when we were there, and boy would I have loved a change from Gallon Jug. It was okay, but I was so tired of it. That cobb salad looks delish!

  3. tacogirl says:

    I just figured it was a matter of taste people drink it both ways Wagner. Similar to me not really liking coffee after trying it hot, then when I had my first Vietnamese iced coffee I was hooked on cold coffee for life 🙂

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