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Living in Belize

Hot at the pool


I am very happy on 2 counts right now. First off it looks like it is about to pour down rain and I would love nothing more right now. Secondly I got some great pool pictures today, I had Eileen meet me early to get some shots of the two of us doing different aquafit moves. I am feeling in really good shape in regards to getting all the pictures I need to go with my magazine article, as long as I get sunny skies tomorrow morning. Still have to work out text to go with pictures once they are done.

Here are a few shots from the cutting room floor after today’s editing. Time for quiet contemplation and if I am lucky a nap.

p.s. Al I seem to remember a recent past comment about a nice donation on your part to Saga in exchange for bikini pics?

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  1. tacogirl August 19, 2011

    I may be on the fit side Al but I can also take the gold medal for couch surfing in a heart beat.

  2. tacogirl August 19, 2011

    Congrats on your new bionic eyes Alan. Yes donation comment was for Al as he wrote something recently about a donation to saga in exchange for bikini pics.

  3. al salter August 19, 2011

    Ok and I am grateful for the lack of bum shots. Remember fitness and exercise pay off at some point in the future, but lazyness pays off immediately.

  4. Alan Slater August 18, 2011

    Hi Laurie,
    Just because I haven’t commented doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading your blog. I now have 2 new bionic eyes and can see for bloody miles!!! No more glasses and can now see clearly to type without squinting through the cataracts.
    I guess that you caught out the other A.S. with these bikini pics. Looking forward to seeing the donation come to fruition.
    Alan Slater.

  5. tacogirl August 18, 2011

    Thanks Maureen. Hope you make it back to class soon. Good you got weights.

  6. tacogirl August 18, 2011

    Hopefully not wet till Saturday Remo – not checked wunderground model since this morning. I am semi set up with groceries and have one bathroom stocked with flush-able water just in case it goes out. Will get charging everything.

  7. Maureen August 18, 2011

    Great Pics Laurie, they actually helped me remember some of the moves. I finally got my water weights and have been using them in our pool. It works, it’s just not the same. Oh how I miss that class.

  8. Remo August 18, 2011

    Going to be a VERY WET weekend. Are you and your friends taking precautions just in case Laurie?

  9. tacogirl August 18, 2011

    Thanks Jana.

  10. Jana Reed August 18, 2011

    Looking great Laurie!!


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