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Belize Mission Project Visit Holy Cross Every year the Belize Mission Project bring out a large team of dental and medical professionals who do a fantastic job providing much needed medical care all over Belize. This year, Holy Cross School were very blessed to have several members of the team visit us for our annual Health Fair. The response from locals was fantastic, with some members of the community waiting long after the doctors were scheduled to leave.

We were also very humbled and moved when members of the project made an incredibly generous donation to the school – Thank you all SO MUCH!

One member put together this video  of their visit to Belize – it’s well worth watching. And yes those incredibly cute, smiling children are from Holy Cross and the houses surrounded by nasty water is where many of them live.

Just this week the following article appeared in the local paper: San Mateo Continues to be Neglected. “Inhumane, unhealthy environment” and “catastrophe waiting to happen” are just two of the comments it makes about the community many of our school children live in, before going on to plea for the government to stop ignoring this at risk community.

Reading the article just makes me mad, but also grateful for all those who have helped us.

Here’s what Kim Shackelford, Associate Professor of Social Work at University of Mississi had to say. “When you are this far down – you need a hand to help pull you up. The amazing thing about San Mateo is that they do not accept the hand and let someone else do all the work. They make a 120% effort to pull themselves up – with just a little help. They have come together – overcome the normal obstacles of trying to become a team – looked past differences in race, religion, nationality or personalities and built roads! No one is waiting for the government to solve their problems- they own their problems and know it takes faith and sweat to solve them. Children are learning valuable lessons about community development and working together to make things better”

Find more about helping San Mateo Empowerment project.

Make Your Donations go Further For November and December Only, all donations received via the Holy Cross Education Foundation website will be matched dollar for dollar! Donations as little as $15 can really help make a difference. Visit Holy Cross website to find out more, you can also join Holy Cross facebook page for updates.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support of Holy Cross School.

Sincerely, Lydia Brown Volunteer Coordinator Holy Cross Anglican School

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