San Pedro Belize

Holiday Hotel Halloween

Bonnie and Carole picked me up last night and we took a short joyride around town before heading to the Holiday Hotel party. They did not end up coming inside, but Andi-Lee Peter, Db and Ryan were all there as well as a few other friends so I was in good company.

As the night wore on I danced with death for a while, that did not help me win a prize but I had fun all the same ha ha.

By the end of the night it was Andi-Lee Peter Ryan and I. We took a walk on the beach to get away from the noise for a bit. By that time it was 3 am and I needed to get home so I could be in decent shape for the Saga Fundraiser today. Carole and Db just called one after the other so I better get off pc and get ready for BC’s.

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Outside the arcade

Pumpkin totem pole at Club Latino

Around town

Me as pumpkin head

Faith and her friends

Heading to the party

Angel and Devil

Death has arrived

Outside Holiday Hotel

The Gods have arrived



Monster man

Watching the party

Best prize went to this warrior


Lots if cool costumes

Happy couple

Zombie mom

Db and Ryan

Party people

Lots of cool costumes

Elvis made it to the party

Angel and mummy

Wonder Woman

Sad clown

Busted by 2 blond cops


Extra bar set up outside

Holiday Hotel packed the house

Chainsaw massacre

Red hot costume

Death and I dancing

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