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Holiday Downtime and Finding an Apartment on Ambergris Caye

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some downtime over the Holidays but for many businesses, high season is keeping everyone sliding full speed into the New Year. I know a few Cart rental companies and some hotels are fully booked. There has also been a recent restaurant demand to open on a day off due to a high request for bookings. Sadly for some, the wind is playing havoc with work and there are many tour cancellations right now due to the wind and choppy waters.

Strong winds are not only blowing on Ambergris Caye, they blowing in my life on a personal level. It is odd, but for about two weeks now I have been typing 2016 by accident. Usually, I (like many) go through a short period of not remembering to put the new year instead of the old. I take the fact that my brain is jumping ahead as a sign it is going to be a good new year.

Right off the bat, the winds of change are starting me out with a wonderful new apartment. I Just got notice I need to leave the one I have been living in the past 5 years by Feb 1st. Even though it will be sad to leave this great deal – $1200 Belize dollars a month in a duplex with shared pool, the news left me very excited. I will be so happy to move closer to or in town.

This new turn of events made me feel that I need to enjoy as much Holiday downtime as I can – 1 month to find a place and move is not a lot of time especially in high season.

The timing of this move is a good reminder not to get jaded by perceived limitations. As I have started asking people to let me know if they hear anywhere good many said it is a bad time of year to be looking (true) and that my price range of $600 USD could be tough.

I thanked everyone for the input and quietly choose to believe something good will come. I also have a few cheerleaders who are supportive of my wish list.

Another thing in my favor, I have always been extra lucky with apartments. I also believe in thinking big and working hard to turn the impossible into possible. The fact that the very first apartment I saw was a 2.5 bedroom one bathroom for $400 Belize cheaper than what I pay now for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom was a big sign of possibility.

It was also an answered prayer. Friends of mine have to vacate their place by January 1st and were coming up empty on their new home search. When I went to see the apartment I thought it was a decent spot but it did not feel like home for me. So I took pictures and connected the family of 3 and the owners – a perfect match.

Paving the way to the place of my dreams with good apartment Karma 😀 I am enjoying the prospect of a fabulous new place near or in town and getting out of ‘Lakeland’ – the roads have been horrible for so long this season. I feel like after 6 years or so I have paid my dues and deserve to live in a neighborhood with better streets.

Since my self imposed holiday slow down is in effect, I am also using the time to prepare for my move by cleaning and organizing.  The other day, I decided to save myself from oven cleaner inhalation by doing a bit of New Years prep and take pictures of Apartment buildings I liked in town.

 Ambergris Caye Apartments
Sunset Central – need to find a contact for this one

I would love to know more about the building below. I can imagine the view from the top floor would be very amazing. So would being that close to the Tuesday morning market.

San Pedro Rentals
Pink apartment
 Ambergris Caye Apartments
Light House Radio is in this one, wonder what the apartments are set up like versus the studio

Finishing off with a touch of heartwarming, a splash of nature and silly shopping pictures.

 San Pedro Hostle adopt a Bear
Adopt a Bear toy giveaway was greatly appreciated, food served was as welcome as the presents to the kids
San Pedro Belize
Resting birds after riding the air currents and waves – great airshows right now
San Pedro Belize
Mid sized rubber donkey and 2 reindeer definitely silly and I totally want them
San Pedro Belize
Love Asian silly feel-good style packaging and the traditional gold one bottom left

12 thoughts on “Holiday Downtime and Finding an Apartment on Ambergris Caye

  1. Susan says:

    Oh gosh Laurie, sorry to hear of the winds of change blowing through your life right now. Hope by this reading you have found a place and are settling in. Will keep you in my prayers for a great apt! Belated Happy New Years!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Barbara, hope you landed in a great spot. Can’t wait to share the adventure of my next new home. Happy New year to you too. Hopefully you will get back to Belize soon.

  3. Barbara Miller says:

    Good luck with apt.hunting
    Did that 1yr ago “good deal”. After a while not so good..can’t imagine the scarsity of apartments there .bad enough in big city!! Good luck bon chance.and Happy NewYear Laurie our TacoGirl.! I can’t wait to meet you someday..Barb from Hamilton Ontario Canada.

  4. Barb says:

    I have faith in the universe that another apartment will open up soon that will suit all of your needs and desires and be affordable. Besides, change is always good! Not always easy…but change is inevitable. Your place definitely was a deal…but sheesh…remember all the stuff we watched happen there and then all we have discussed and how there are actually a few sober and decent property management companies on the island and other really nice owners who appreciate a long term renter, etc. stay focused on new beginnings and release old dead weight. Happy New Year! Xo

  5. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Erin, wishing a great apartment your way. I will let you know if I hear of anything that fits your wish list. Clive said Radio Station building full and rarely places come open. He did give me contact though and said definitely check.

  6. Emily Smith says:

    Good luck finding a new place, Laurie! You have so many contacts in town, I am sure you won’t have any problem! Happy New Year a little early! 🙂

  7. Erin says:

    Wish you luck on the hunt! We’re looking right now as our lease is up in March, and we aren’t sure if we will get to stay, and it’s scary right now how much is NOT available. If I hear of anything in your price range, I’ll be sure to let you know. If you hear of anything 1bd or 2 bd w/ocean front/view, security, and pool, let me know. The pink apartment building you’re interested in — I know Luis Velasquez and Keith (musician) lived there — maybe check with one of them on contacts? I’ve only been in one apartment above the radio station and it was GORGEOUS, but that’s because Javi Alamilla did the interior design. Not sure what the status is with that one, but maybe check with him and see if he knows about rentals there.

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