San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Happy Valentines

I am off to go met Islenutt at SEAduced so we can confirm our numbers and boat to Robles point for Monday. After that we will head down to Estelle’s and meet the gang before they all go out with Tulu. Chloe is not going on boat so hoping she will want to go for coffee.

Everyone invited to the Valentines Art Auction for HC school tonight at Sunset Grille from 5 – 9 pm come out for a drink or dinner what ever works – we will all likely stop by the Tackle Box afterwards – the Valentines fair is tomorrow from 9 – 2 at the school there will be food and games and you are all invited.

Valentines Art Sale was fun – to see more pictures please visit the Holy Cross blog

Afterwards we decided to go to the fire show at Ramon’s but figured a quick pit stop at BC’s was in order. Unfortunately travelprincess got something in her eye and we had to fix hat – luckily Fred had a sure cure for eye troubles and he got her to pull lid down and move her eye around that worked faster and better than drops. We just missed he fire show but got to say hi to Lara and Drummer Jim did not stay long headed back to BC’s to Chloe and Becky – next stop tackle box we are in good training for the crawl on Saturday. We just missed the kitchen so the girls ordered some ceviche and we chatted for a while then Chloe and Becky went back down the beach, Gailtor decided to call it a night – Islenutt Sunandsand and I went to the park for tacos.

travelprincess travelqueen with gailtor and travelmom in background

thavelprincess and I – taken by travelqueen

Breakfast at Estelles

Meeting up for snorkle

Beach shot

Tulu’s boat

Girls snorkeling day with Tulu

Donna Dex Chloe at Island Perk

Sunandsand Chloe

Islenutt tacoboy Simon travelprincess tracelqueen

Windjammer Chloe Islenutt

Fred (Coral Beach Realty)

Big turn out

The girls

Windjammer bought Paisano

Heading to Bc’s

Windjamer Kenmel

Simon chatting with travelmom

Gailtor taking a picture

Complimentary shots at TackleBox

Chloe Windjammer

Gail Dancing Bouncer

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