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Great news

Just got word on coconut phone that Cousin Erin and Joanne have booked to come for February. Finally lol – I kept thinking how many of the best pics I can post on tacogirlblog to get people here.

Dick’s folks are in town and had asked me to bring them to the school so they could drop off their donations. I already had some other stuff from message boarders who came to town bearing valentines treats and Bonnie had sent some stuff for Janet to bring. We are getting ready for the big Valentines fair on Friday February 15th 9 am – 2 pm. There will be food for sale and you are all invited to the party – limbo, sac races and lots of fun make it a perfect time to visit the school and see the kids in action. I think DB’s son Ryan will be baking some scones, those alone are worth the trip.

Paul ran into Chloe at perk and she said that travelqueen, her mom Julie, travelprincess, Windjammer and Islenutt are all going to be delayed. So I will leave you with kids pics for now over girlfriend pics ha ha.

Caught Islenutt and Windjammer at the airport – just missed travelqueen, Julie and travelprincess. Gail and I are off to find Chloe.

Suitcase full of donations – Miss Grace principle Janet and John

Group picture

Valentines donations from all over


John John Janet – middle John is helping build new library and pc lab with his mission group

Girls watching the new library / computer lab get built

Miss Rosalie and her crew serving up some healthy fruit snacks

Tyra and Denvan


Emily says Peace all

Janet John Jaymin

Islenutt Windjammer

Big fish

More big fish

Juan (?) cleaning barracuda

Cleaning fish

3 little birds



3 thoughts on “Great news

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Carbunkle Trumpet. See you soon.

    Sherrie those kids are from Holy Cross Anglican School just across the bridge. next time you are in town I would be happy to help you get to the school. The special ed kids there would love to meet you. All the HC kids love visitors.

  2. Sherrie says:

    I saw the pics of the school. Are those special needs students from the Catholic school? They are too cute! I teach special ed in Michigan and would love to stop in at their school the next time I get back to San Pedro! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    You are correct that is Juan.

    I hope there are some fish left out there for me to catch Saturday morning!

    Carbunkle Trumpet

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