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Happy St Georges Caye Day

Today is St Georges Caye day, we went to see the parade in town then off for a shop at Andrea’s sale. I went with Carole and Bonnie to the sale then we left and I called Diane and Tracy to come check it out. Paul and Cindy turned up not long after followed by my Paul. Andrea sure knows how to throw a great moving sale. We all had so much fun and got some very useful things.

St. George’s Caye is an island in the Caribbean Sea, 8 miles east of Belize City. It is part of the Belize District of the nation of Belize, Central America.

St. George’s Caye was settled as a town in 1650, and was the largest settlement in what was at the time British Honduras in the 17th century and 18th century, until its importance was eclipsed by the growth of Belize City. From 3 September through 10 September 1798, the British settlers fought and defeated a small Spanish fleet sent to drive them from the area; this battle is marked as a national holiday in Belize each September 10th as The Battle of St. George’s Caye (see also: History of Belize). Information from Wikipedia

I am writing from Carole’s house more details and pictures to come later. Carole and Dick invited Paul, Cindy Paul and I for dinner. A perfect ending to a really fun holiday.

Castillos truck all decorated

Pom Pom girls

Miss San Pedro and Girls on stage

San Pedro High School

Segway’s decked out for the parade

Parade girls

Heading up Front street

Watching the parade from Island Perk

Waiting for the parade to pass

Colorful costumes

Segway gang

Decorated golf cart

One of the Holy Cross girls from Special ed class

Bonnie Carole and I had a good shop – only 1 bag is mine Paul was pleased

Tracy and Dianne enjoying an Amstel and Mexican beer at the sale

More shopping

Dick looking at floating water mat that Carole bought

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