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Happy Monday

Today is an exciting day – not only did we give notice to our landlord, I finally got 2 clips up on You Tube.

First things First – Recently Stacy asked us if we wanted to move into the big green house. We both wanted more space and that place fits much of what is on our list. The other day we sat down with her and had a pow wow and decided that was the next step for all us.

After playing with video option on my camera Saturday night and yesterday along with a short tutorial from Paul about using movie maker, I was able to edit my clips and get them up on you tube and my blog.

3 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. Cee says:

    Great vids! My favorite was the part during carnival when you shot the ride with the fireworks going off in the background, perfect!!

  2. GlenandLori says:

    Great video from BC`s , it makes us want to get there sooner than later..Hope all is well, Cheers Glen & Lori..(LaGrange)

  3. CarbunkleTrumpet says:

    Great Job on the Janice Joplin rendition Dianne!
    So the Taco’s are getting a bigger shell? Hope there is sufficient room and accommodations for the Trumpets. (That is if we don’t get shut out by TQ or DCG)
    Let’s see 2 weeks, that means we won’t be here on moving day, sorry we would love to help TG and TB!
    See you in a couple of days!vo

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