Happy Garifuna Settlement Day

Happy Garifuna Settlement Day to all. I hope you are enjoying yourselves where ever you are. Today is turning into an information day. Been cutting and pasting bits and pieces that have been coming in over the past couple of days while I work on tomorrow’s Follow Friday surprise giveaway and a new ongoing new new series to the tacogirl mix. Follow Friday Giveaway – last hint – for those who need a tropical island getaway sooner than later. Dr. Efrain Cima is now offering Complete Dental Services for your guests/staff at the San Carlos Medical Center, located on Pescador Drive across from Caramba Restaurant. Office hours are: Mondays thru Thursdays: 5pm – 8:30pm Saturdays: 6:00 pm – 9pm – Sundays: 9am – 1pm For more information or appointments call: 226-2918 or 604-3737 Message from Joanne and Heather…

Hi Everyone, Heather and I submitted Direct Abundance in the Aviva Community Fund, a competition that could result in positive change in communities across Canada and in Belize. If the idea we created receives enough votes, it will have a chance at sharing in $500,000 of funding. I would really appreciate your help in pushing this idea to the finals. It would allow us the ability to expand in Canada, creating global change through the School Boards. We have a few days before voting ends! You can vot once per day! Please forward this to everyone and help us out…….. Also if you are my friend on facebook there is a link you can paste to your page, and if you REALLY want to help us, and you are on twitter a little Tweet for us would be a huge boost! Please vote for at Aviva Community Fund. Thanks in advance for all your help and support Joanne and Heather

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