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Halfway point

Friday marked the halfway point for my 12 class abs challenge for Maureen’s class. I decided I should get Paul to take a few pics this morning to mark my progress. I got a nice surprise – noticed my biceps are kicking in and so are my back muscles. I can tell my abs are  starting to come in but that is a slower process – especially with some of the  stuff I have been eating like – chips – rum cake gringo burgers & fries. True I was in decent shape when I started the 12 class aquafit challenge but I had very little muscle tone from missing class for several months. It amazes me to see how fast my body has changed from the last 6 classes.

For those of you that want to get in on the action [had someone email me for class times in town this morning]

10am – 11am Tues-  Thurs and Fridays San Pedro Fitness Club make a right just after roadkill bar and go to the end of the road – you will see San Pedro Fitness Club mural on the wall.

Also Monday – Wed  and Friday at 7:30am – 8:30am at the Fitness Club w/Char

11am – 12pm Mon – Wed and Sat Ak’bol Yoga Retreat  north of the bridge not far past Palapa Bar.

All classes are $10 bzd

9 thoughts on “Halfway point

  1. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    I wish I could eat all that and look like you – you are so slender! And your abs look fantastic!!! I could take that class for a year and not have abs like that.

  2. GwenA says:

    I’m missing it, and the closest class in Annapolis is 7 miles away. Maybe I qualify for the senior center?

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