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Growth of a business community

There was a big turn at the San Pedro business Association meeting this morning at the Lions Den.

The Business Association plans to improve the business climate of our Island to make a more prosperous San Pedro.

San Pedro Business Association will meet once a month to discuss 3 issues and how those issues can be best accomplished. They will create a solid plan of action and tackle issues one by one. After each meeting updates will be posted on the SPBA website.

The San Pedro Business Association have shown they are working towards being pro active by identifying problems and matching them with longterm solutions. The three issues that were on the table today were garbage, roads and taxes. The first two issues directly relate back to the third one, by keeping more business tax dollars on the island it will enable the garbage and road issues to be resolved. The business association will take the feedback regarding each issue from todays meeting and turn it into a written plan.

By joining together business owners in San Pedro can make a difference. If you are a tax paying business owner and would like more information on becoming a member please call 226 – 4474

Chatting before meeting

Getting settled

Meeting in session

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