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Grey Blanket

Sometimes I just want to make a self imposed time out and go sit in the corner – today especially as we have a gray blanket over San Pedro. Swimming class was canceled and many of us are pulling out our hoodies long pants and socks.

To much to accomplish to stay in corner for long ha ha. Been busy working through Crawl Party details as part of the updated taco party menu.

More to come…

One of the things on my to do list today is go to town but the rain is still going strong. RLD is dropping by at 1pm so will see what happens after that. I am sure Dianne is appreciating her rain pants that she scored at the stuff swap recently.

Afternoon meeting went well. Was still planning to go to town and enjoy a walk in the rain but it stopped and I lost my motivation – maybe got sidetracked at my computer is more like it ha ha.

Southern Crawl Party


  1. Still better than winter in Canada I have no complaints

  2. We are suffering with the same crapola weather here. Bah humbug!

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