Nature celebrates December in Belize

Grateful for Belize in December

As I come closer to my anniversary of moving to Ambergris Caye (Jan 2006) I always practice feeling extra grateful to be experiencing Belize in December and ringing in a New Year. Snowless warm and sunny.

I saw the scary alternative’s this week on Facebook page and in Fb messenger with the USA and Canada. While it was pretty in pictures the thought of getting around in the snow for six months or so made my insides tense.

There is something special about a tropical Christmas. I love it just as much now as I did when I was a kid. Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, and Florida are all places I have been lucky enough to spend holiday time when I was young. They helped shape my desire as an adult to live in a snow-free world.

This past Sunday, not wanting to be near a big crowd, I caught the preshow for the annual tree lighting festival in Central Park, downtown San Pedro. It is a great place to find entertaining Christmas spirit and I was lucky enough to catch the fantastic act on San Pedro Town Council Facebook page while watching 90 day. All the kids were dressed as Christmas Trees, they looked extremely cute and did a great job.

Belize in December

Before that island Christmas tradition, I had got some appreciation time in while I walked to the beach. Happy that it is almost Christmas, and that I had not altered my wardrobe for my late afternoon weekend walk. It was one I could have worn in August and September our hotter months – a sleeveless athletic top, a sports skirt, and Swiftwater Crocs. I was also grateful I didn’t have to consider a sweater or pashmina as I left the house. Or anything close to my Canadian friend’s case – abominable snowman gear to navigate icy rain that was coating everything in a glassy shell.

My destination was to make it to the beach road and back. I figured I would photograph what caught my attention while there. I turned a half-circle on the beach to get some water, boat and building shots.

I know a few of you are wondering exactly just what Sunday’s temps were. It was a high of 87°F/30.5°C and low of 71°F/21.6 ° C. I caught a girl and her dog swimming offshore in front of the Dream Catcher pier. Her father went in not long after and there were others dotted along the beach enjoying the Caribbean Sea too – likely would have been too cold for me though.

Central Park Ambergris Caye Street Meat

Notice the absence of Sargasso on the beach? We are all so grateful for a reprieve. This will please people heading our direction soon. We are experiencing a normal amount of seagrass washing ashore.

Walking the beach - Belize in December

I also took a moment to appreciate others’ good fortune and remember days gone by. I have been on the Seaduced by Belize, Seaduction Catamaran too many times to count. It is a comfortable and fun boat. Whatever lucky crowd was getting a sunset sail that night was in for a treat. They also have a really cool houseboat, Sea’s d Day and I can save you a few dollars on either. Simply email me.

Sunset catamaran cruise celebrating Belize in December

While the sailors sailed, some pirates preferred to remain landlocked and enjoy some day time drinking at the Palapa Bar. They have live music featuring the Coconut Trio every Thursday – Saturday 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Plus occasional random cool performers and crowd favorites such as Sean McDermott and Kelly Mcguire for special events.

Popular over the water Beach Par in Belize by tacogirl blog San Pedro

While the adults were adulting, kids were harmlessly doing their thing on Chuck and Robbie’s dock. An island is a fun place to grow up. I can imagine hundreds of reasons the green-shirted boy is smiling and none of them include a cell phone or TV.

Chuck and Robbie's Dive Shop Ambergris Caye

Since my day time drinking consisted of iced coffee and lime water at home, I opted for street meat treat that night. You can’t go wrong at the six or so food stalls in Central Park.

Warm weather during Belize in December

I knew before I arrived I was going to order a half Homer Simpson burger. Had I gone full out I would have added the bacon-wrapped hot dog. Instead, I opted for a burger with veggies, cheese slice, and mustard. When you enter the food area from the street, look for this in the first stall on the left if you are facing the sea. At home, I topped that up with a couple of my current Mexican junk food favorites – Jalapeno popcorn and Rancheros queso tortilla chips.

A holiday season reminder to try and balance out your inner Homer and try going on a good health kick before Christmas season binging fully sets in.

The roasted garlic in the center below is also a good snack this time of year to help you boost your immune system before you run into a sick person or touch something like a bank machine door that has who-knows-what possibly breeding on it.

Also, practice eating better for your body. If you know you are having a big meal at some point in the day eat smaller, healthy and easily digestible meals beforehand.

Below on the left side of my cold-pressed coconut oil roasted garlic is a tacogirl style deconstructed salad. In light of the news of few recent heart attacks between here and Roatan, Honduras, (one was a good friend here) I am trying to give myself a strong healthy headstart before the holiday rich, savoury, sugary holiday food options take over.

To the right is fresh-squeezed lime water. This is also something good to drink a lot of right now to beef up your vitamins and balance your body. This week I have been alternating and drinking an iced coffee, then regular water in my Cadillac cup, followed by a lime juice.

Please don’t forget to help others be healthy too. By using the tacogirl flight Code (For a Cause) horizon on the Tropic Air website. At no extra cost to you, Hope Haven Shelter will benefit this holiday season. They have created a nice home for nine kids and feed 130 – 170 mouths weekly. Code use also helps the Belize Cancer Center. On a monthly basis, 55 patients need a subsidy and it costs over $10,000 BZD per month to fund this. Thankfully your help is making a difference.

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