San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Goodbye Cherie

We were having our morning iced coffee’s when Paul realized it was already 8:30 and we needed to get our butts in gear so we could walk over to the airport and say our goodbye’s to Cherie (Cindy’s mom). After 10 weeks on San Pedro, she is headed back to U.K.

Not long after we arrived, Sharon and Cesar turned up with Cheri’s bags and coolers in hand. Sharon and Cindy were heading to Belize City as well to see Cherie off and do a big shop. They could not all get on the same plane and caught one a few minutes later. While we were waiting, Alan and his brother Ian were riding by on their way to catch the water taxi to Caye Caulker and stopped to say hello.

After we got home net was acting up so we decided to go for coffee at Perk – chatted with Coleen and Drummer Jim. I told Paul I would met him there and went to pick up a few groceries and some art supplies first so I can start making decorations for Cinco De Mayo. I figured if I get restless this weekend while I am still supposed to be resting, I will do some arts and crafts.

Chatted with Patrick on the coconut phone this afternoon, he is giving me update on Jerry – unfortunately the situation there seems a bit grim he is in icu – on a ventilator and semi conscious. Pat sold a painting today to our old neighbor Vince, it was one of 2 Adirondack chairs in our back yard when we lived on Augusta.

Tip of the day – read on the internet… Never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow. I thought that was pretty funny, made me wonder what kinds of things people have been trying to stick in their ears lol.

Cindy Cherie Paul

Cesar and Sharon turn up with the luggage

Cherie getting on the first plane to Belize City

Ian and Alan stop off to say hi

Alan and Ian off to catch water taxi

Sharon and Cindy catch next plane off to Belize City

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