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Gone for coffee

9 am
Fine time for a coffee break.
Been chatting on the message board and working away on my computer chores (sorting, writing and deleting emails)

CindyC at perk is helping me get healthy, she has got me drinking soy milk in my frappes now – I do not mind it but she could not sell Paul on the idea so now she makes ours separately. Somehow I lost my momentum on what I was doing before we left, so now I will pick a different task and see how long that keeps my attention for ha ha – will clean inside and wash my plastic set of office drawers and get caught up on school blog.

Once again I am cursing internet explorer cause I have not downloaded a replacement browser yet. Today it will not let me rearrange pictures I uploaded on school blog by cutting and pasting then in correct order – talk about things that make my blood boil and it is already hot enough today. I swear there must be steam coming out my ears right now.

Here is a picture story from this evening….

The bell was rung

Jager for all

Making more bottles for the wall

5 thoughts on “Gone for coffee

  1. tacogirl says:

    Islaholic trixie – Biggie B would fit right in at Pedro’s. They are well on the way to having a good part of main room walls covered in bottles. Too funny re wide awake drunk who smells of black licorice.

  2. Islaholic Trixie says:

    Love the Jager Wall!!! Biggie B (my husband) loves to drink Jager bombs. Now he drinks Vodka and Red Bull too. Makes for a wide awake drunk who smells of black licorice!!

  3. tacogirl says:

    TQ I am sure Paul will agree with you there.

    I have Firefox and use it as my main browser, it works way better, but do school blog in different browser so I do not have to keep switching log in info.

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