Gone Fishing

Ok I have not actually gone fishing – wish I was though. Instead I am about to head back to town and get to finish packing up more bits and pieces and start cleaning our old apartment – truth be told I would much rather stay here and putter.

I will leave you with Carbunketrunpet’s write up and pictures of the fishing trip he and Shawna took recently while in San Pedro…

Just returned from 10 days down in Belize and traditionally I don’t gloat and send fish pictures of stuff that we catch but please pardon this time as it is a rare and special one. We were fishing with our guide Felipe Ancona who I feel is more of a friend than a guide and it was just me and Shawna as everyone else stayed on shore that day.

We were fishing by the reef in front of Victoria House with a lady fish (5lb) to get some of the larger fish (barracuda, shark, who knows) and I got a hit that felt like the missing Lacy Holloway girl. After 10 minutes and 20 curse words I landed 40 lb Cubrerra Snapper and needless to say I was floored! Felipe rigged up another lady fish and I told him that I wanted Shawna to have that one as she really has never landed a big one and sure enough she pulled in 20lb Barracuda that got snagged sideways and was hell to pull up try lifting a 50 pound bag of rice with a fishing rod and line. Now we let her rest for a minute and we then set up another lady fish and give the rig back to Shawna; within the next 20 minutes she landed 30 lb Cubrerra Snapper as well! I have never had this happen nor did it ever happen to Felipe!

Below are the photos and let me tell you that was one of the best times I have been out as the next day I found out that we were the talk of the town.

Last photo after he cleaned them and if you are squeamish you may not want to open that but the planks the fish were on are 16 inches wide to give you a reference on the size. Funny thing is that Felipe had 5 people come up and ask him for the head to make soup.

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