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Getting to Caye Chapel Golf Island by Caye Caulker Water Taxi

Many of you knew Caye Chapel Golf Island was a fast developing love of mine, this time around I really fell head over heels and sealed the deal.

We decided to try a new experience and take the Caye Caulker Water taxi, which is the only one that goes there – $50 BZD round trip. You have to ask them to drop you off as it is not a regularly scheduled stop,  since the island is so close to Caye Caulker, they can easily stop. My reason for planning the private island party was to meet my Cousin Erin and her husband Rudy who were in docking in Belize city on a cruise for the day and wanted something to do. Not long after the planning started, Invest 97 came on the radar and right up to the last second we were all saying our prayers for good weather and preparing to get wet.  Paul, Mary, and I said we would go no matter what and Erin and Rudy said same. We ended up with a party of 9 friends in the end Lara, Cindy and Tinker also joined us. Judyann and Tom owners of Black Orchid Restaurant opted out at the last minute due to potential weather.

Thankfully Chaac Maya the rain god decided to rain down on us in the nicest possible way and we barely got wet at all. Our waterway road trip was very calm and comfortable and we had a fantastic view sheet rain on the Caribbean Sea. Not long after Caye Caulker, the rain grew heavier and magically lightened up when we approached Caye Chapel marina.

Evan was at the pier to greet us with golf carts, a welcoming smile and news about our Texan twosome. He informed us that my cousin and Rudy did not make the 8:00 am boat that they had to catch the 10:30 instead. We figured it was a case of them not getting off the cruise ship fast enough to catch the first or second tender.

What really happened was they got bamboozled at the ferry dock by a timeshare like ticket salesman. He convinced them that taking a water taxi to Caye Chapel Island was not an option anymore and they had to go to Caye Caulker and get a private charter from there.

Once on Caye Caulker Island, they worked it out that a private charter was too expensive and that they could in fact take the Caye Caulker Water Taxi to Caye Chapel. Looking on the bright side, they stopped for a fresh pineapple juice and enjoyed their mini Belize island hopping adventure.

We did a nice potluck set up at the bar by the pool, and quickly claimed our lounge chairs and pool floats. Most of us did several  golf cart laps around the island enjoying its stunning beauty and what I dubbed Millionaires Row’ – the simple and elegant houses along the beach. We also toured the magnificent club house I knew everyone would love it, especially my cousin who used to work at the prestigious Credit Valley Golf and Country Club in Mississauga. Four of us also enjoyed 3 mile an hour golf cart drag racing along the water’s edge at sunset 🙂

The Sand Fleas came out for a short bit but we were not bothered and decided that would be a good time to regroup our stuff and head to the club house to play a game on the big comfy couches. Paul opted to relax after golfing with a book and a nap.

Our day could not have been any more beautiful and perfect.  Thanks for having us Evan and I know we will see you soon. The island is better than Prozac and I already cannot wait to come back and visit.

Shout out to Laura Bobbitt Crocker Director of Food and Beverage at Mirmichi – A world class golf experience in Millington Tennessee. This is one adventure you and fun Elvis girls need to come back to Belize and enjoy. Justin Timberlake would love it too, maybe you can talk him into him a staff golf trip. Beyonce and TigerWoods have both been there 🙂

See the following posts fort extra convincing and a video of driving from the runway to the clubhouse 🙂 #TravelTuesday Taking our Mulligan at Caye Chapel and Heavy Rain on San Pedro all clear on Caye Chapel. Jaime Coutts and Curtis Comeau videographers of A private golf course and marina on Caye Chapel video has some great aerial shots of the island and nice music. Caye Chapel Island Resort is an informative narrated video by premier property.

Enjoy a day on, Caye Chapel, a 265 acres private island, about 2 miles of coastline and a world class 18 hole par-72 golf course. If you are not a golfer the pool is fabulous as you can see from the picture below. Contact me at tacogirlbelize[at] for more information.

All pictures below are courtesy of Mary 1220 aka Mary Mooney.

golf island
We had the whole pool to ourselves and it was a beautiful day to enjoy it
cay chapel island belize
Pot luck at the pool bar
belize kids
Cindy and Tinker stayed to chill out by the pool
swimming vacation
Relaxing poolside reading
private islands in belize
Erin, Rudy, Roland, Lara and Mary decided take a private island adventure
golf belize
Can you imagine a more a fabulous place to play golf?
cahe chapel island
We took a joyride all the way to the end end of Caye Chapel island and saw Caye Caulker
private island belize
Our drive was beyond beautiful
caye chapel golf island
Heading towards ‘Millionaire’s Row’
golf caye chapel
Beautiful row of homes along the Caribbean Sea
golf belize
Driving down the runway
caye chapel island
We all had the best time enjoying our private island oasis for the day
golfing in belize
Paul in the club house
caye chapel island belize
Lara lounging after a hard day of relaxing and Cindy watching after Tinker
golf caye chapel
Upstairs at the clubhouse
caye caulker water taxi to caye chapel
Waiting for Caye Caulker water Taxi
caye chapel island
Back view of the club house from the marina area
caye chapel belize
Enjoying sunset at the marina on Caye Chapel


13 thoughts on “Getting to Caye Chapel Golf Island by Caye Caulker Water Taxi

  1. Barbara says:

    If we spend a day on Caye Chapel, how do we rent a golf cart? Will the resort let us use their pool? Enjoy a lunch at their restaurant? Do we need to make a reservation on the water taxi both ways? Thanks for your help.

  2. tacogirl says:

    Anything Elvis is great anytime Laura 🙂 Any Baby Elvis? Cindy’s little girl will turn one in Dec. You will love the course over there.

  3. Laura Ganier says:

    Hey Laurie, The Memphis girls are coming back! We r bringing our guys. My new husband (!) and I will probably go over to play golf. Looking forward to seeing you again. Do y’all need anything Elvis?

  4. Charlotte says:

    Looks beautiful. I’ve never been to Caye Chapel. You should be in the blog photos more often. It’s great to see you.

  5. tacogirl says:

    That is Great Drew, we should plan a trip to Chapel when you are here if you are up for it. Cindy was thinking about Memphis girls the other day and we had a good laugh over the Elvis side-burn sunglasses.

  6. Drew Stewart says:

    The Memphis girls will be there in April, with husband’s in tow. Caye Chapel looks wonderful! Dave and I will be there for two whole weeks so we hope to do more exploring on the island than ever before!

  7. Drew Stewart says:

    The Memphis girls will be there in April, with husband’s in tow. Caye Chapel looks wonderful!

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