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Gas Prices in Belize

Everyone  likes to know the price of things, in fact that is one of my pet peeves shopping here when stores do not have their stock priced. Since I often get reader emails asking about the cost of living in Belize and have been blogging that topic for a few years now,  I decided to do car gas price comparison.

The idea came when I was out for a joyride with Dick and Zac  as we stopped to gas up the golf cart. Currently we pay  $11.69 a gallon and was $60 to fill Zac’s tank. Tim said last time he filled his Polaris it was $70.

I asked a couple of my regular guest contributors Michele and Sharon to see what their pricing was like.

Regular gas is $11.40 at Texaco and $11.42 at Shell. Here’s a couple of pics of the Shell I went to today. Hope this helps!
Sharon Hiebing  of Wealth Ships Expat Relocation San Ignacio, Belize.

Since Belize Mexico travel is a common thing Michele Kinnon of Life’s a Beach blog Playa Del Carmen, Mexico was happy to give me her input. Prices for gas are as follows Regular (Magna) 9.60  pesos [0.75 usd] per liter Premium 10.30 pesos [0.81isd]  per liter.

How does Belize Gas price compare to where you are?

Please note: I will be taking a couple of days off to catch up on picture editing have to go through a weeks worth of pictures I shot when Dick was here [that is easily in the hundreds], Helda and Robbie’s wedding photos and the Belize Coalition vote to stop off shore drilling in Belize images.

 Gas prices in Belize  cars in belize

Belize Poker update

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Special Events
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I hope to see you all at Pedro’s this week.  I’m looking forward to it and I hope you are too.

Best Regards and Better Cards,

6 thoughts on “Gas Prices in Belize

  1. Sharon Hiebing says:

    One other interesting tidbit is it costs about $170 bze ($85 usd) to fill up my Chevy Tracker here in San Ignacio, Belize. It used to cost me about $65 usd to fill up my Toyota 4Runner in the States (when I left in 2010).

    Having said that, there are a lot of other things in Belize that are much, much cheaper than what I was paying in the States. Therefore, overall, even with these high gas prices, my cost of living in Belize is far lower than before.

    Thanks for posting, Laurie!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Relocate Without Rose-Colored Glasses

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