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Game night

Been raining off and on all morning – short heavy bursts. That did not stop us from going to perk for a morning coffee. Drummer Jim and Zippy were there – Coleen said she is fighting a losing battle in wiping down the counters.

I am totally wanting to get a camera set up like Mark now as he is fully waterproof and has no worries for rain or boats. Unfortunately, my camera starting to show minor effects of salt air. I wish we had the option to buy more waterproof gear here. My new rain cape works well, but since the sides only have 2 snaps I could see getting wet if there was a lot of wind with the rain and I really need a waterproof bag. Off to check eBay and see if I can find anything good in that area.

After we got home, Dick rang and asked us to go for a game and movie night tonight. I told him I would pass that along to Paul and Cindy and we could do a potluck. With it being rainy we all agreed was the perfect way to spend our Saturday night. I am ready to crack open The Game of Life that I won at Pedro’s gift exchange game will also bring Scattergories. Cindy and I were both in agreement that we somehow need to get trivial pursuit down here.

Hi Carole, Dick was filling us in on the latest adventures of your trip. It is on the cool side today enough to wear long pants and long sleeves. See you online when you reach your destination – don’t get too cold in Iqaluit. We had a great time at your house tonight Carole and enjoyed a delicious pot luck meal. Played Scattergories and Uno – decided The Game of Life is just to difficult to learn at the end of the evening and is better started while our minds are fresher. Much more complicated than I remember – of course, if I remember right we likely made our own rules up when playing as kids haha.

Looks like it is time to start watching the weather sites occasionally. Talk has gone from Alma to Arthur – have been checking Weather UndergroundCaribbean Hurricane network and NOAA for their seasonal predictions.

Any of our Mexican friends have a first-hand weather report for us? Are you getting as much scattered showers as we are this weekend? Yup, it is raining again. I will go catch up on your blogs that might give me an answer right away.


Flower on flamboyant tree

Walking in the rain

Kirt getting out of a taxi

Umbrella weather


Wet roads

Riding down middle street


Rainy day traffic

Dog losing his raincoat

Looks like he is wearing a plastic drop sheet

Rain poncho from Capt Sharks

Dick is eating healthy while Carole is away

On break from playing Scattergories

8 thoughts on “Game night

  1. tacogirl says:

    so great to all keep in touch on weather as we are all close range – glad to be able to share what is going on for people traveling here too

  2. John says:

    Woah, it rained that much? Hopefully it’ll get better, a friend of mine is planning to visit soon.

  3. harvestmoon says:

    STarted blowing in last night and we lost power until mid-day today. It has been wicked windy but not so much rain today compared to yesterday. We’re across from Cozumel on the peninsula, about 15km south of PdC.

  4. Mimi says:

    Hey L&P,
    We’re getting amazing winds here from the outer bands, and surf is incredible. Wish I had the guts to get out there on a boogie board ….. NOT!

    Hang on tight and let us know how your doing. Thinking of you, hoping not to lose our power again tonight as well.

  5. tacogirl says:

    Hey Cancuncanuck – will check your post now. So far so good on staying dry though San Pedro is quite wet and there are puddles the size of small lakes to the north and south where the road is not cobblestones.

  6. CancunCanuck says:

    Hey tacogirl,
    How’s the evening going? We’re dry right now in Cancun, though it is cloudy. I just postedan update on my blog too.

    Hope you are dry. Well, dry like not wet not dry like no beer dry. 🙂

  7. tacogirl says:

    Looks like she may need an extra R in there for rain. We are enjoying the rain too makes everything so green when the dust gets washed off. Miss you too – say hi to the rest of the Kinnon clan for us and we will do same tonight from you.

  8. Michele in Playa says:

    Looks like you guys are getting hit much harder than we are. The rain has been a pleasant departure after months and months of dry hot weather. Surfs up for sure but the wind has been calm. My poor friend Susan left a few days ago for a bit of R&R and beach time in Placencia. I hope she has some board games to pass away the time. Miss you guys.

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