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Living in Belize

Funny Comment


Even though I have not actively posted on my old blog since May when I switched over to tacogirl.com,  I still get up to 40 visits a day to my blogspot site and people/spammers regularly leave comments. I got one yesterday that was pretty funny and I thought it was worth sharing.

bathmate has left a new comment on your post “Post-it® Digital Notes”:
Fortunately it is a good posting. I like it. It’s pretty much impressive.

San Pedro Weather – Still cold but the sun is trying to come out today.

Leaving you with a few pics from a recent walk south on the beach and a shout out to Chunkyruth.

Zen dock


Saturday afternoon walk


  1. tacogirl December 29, 2009

    Your Welcome Cynthia. I hope you get your beach time soon.

  2. cynthia price December 29, 2009

    i could really use a little Belize, or any beach right about now . . . thanks for the personal post on twit. . . i will want to see more of your island delights! best in 2010. cynthia
    tweeting at sanmiguelhotel.

  3. tacogirl December 23, 2009

    Ruthie I was thinking of the two of you as we got to that part of our walk. Since you can’t make it to San Pedro I figured I would get San Pedro to you.

    Funny Wilma.

    It’s ok Harold, I deleted the blank and repeat and left the others up. I love seeing the shapes in driftwood.

  4. harold December 22, 2009

    sorry about all the comments i’m still learning

  5. harold December 22, 2009

    i think the driftwood knows more than we do . it’s giving everyone the sign that it’s OK .it’s up to us to figure out what it is .

  6. wilma December 22, 2009

    left the same comment on an older post on my blog too.

  7. Ruthie & Chunk December 22, 2009

    And a shoutback…which includes a big smile at your pix of the sights we saw a dozens and dozens of times on our walks south. Thanks.

  8. tacogirl December 22, 2009

    Too funny Maria.

  9. maria December 22, 2009

    ambergrisproperty blogspot

    got that comment tooo…..

    bathmate has left a new comment on your post “Essential Dive Guide: BELIZE”:

    Fortunately it is a good posting. I like it. It’s pretty much impressive.

  10. tacogirl December 22, 2009

    You guessed the area right Bob. Bet you are super excited. Just chatting my cousin on coconut phone she is hoping to get here in January.

  11. Bob December 22, 2009

    Allright! View from the SandBar looking toward Victoria House, we’ll be right there Sunday! Yeah!


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