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Living in Belize

Full Moon Beach Party


One of the fringe benefits of about living on an island is getting invited to a private full moon beach party and it only takes you 10 minutes to get there from home 🙂

The party started around dusk and everyone rolled in fairly quickly, not wanting to miss possibility of seeing the big round moon make its out of the Caribbean sea and over the white sand beach. Unfortunately due to cloud cover we did not catch the moon till it was well up in the sky.

Soon as it came in sight, we all headed out to the dock to enjoy the view. Then it was back to the lovely beach front condo to enjoy food, music and laid-back conversation.

condos in belize

Great place to enjoy a beach party

Kitchen area

Kitchen area

beachfront  condos for rent in belize

Indoor living room

condos for rent in belize

Outdoor living room off the master bedroom

beachfront condos in belize

Love the simple open design of the space

belize food

Tasty food

Vanilla bundt  cake

Vanilla bundt cake

Below is my best full moon picture out of about 12. In the 8.5 years we have lived on Ambergris Caye, I have usually seen see a rabbit figure in the full moon. This time if you look closely to the left hand side and you can see a sitting turtle. Big round circle for his back, head, 2 legs coming out in front and it looks like he could be sitting in a pool of shallow water. Can you see it? What do you see when you look at the full moon? Visit Wikipedia pages to read about the the Moon Rabbit of Asia and the Americas and find out what people see in the moon around the world.

full moon beach party

June full moon

fido's bar

Cute lamp from Belizean Arts in side Fido’s

sunrise belize

Soon the sun will rise and a new day will be upon us


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