Taste of the Caye Annual Food Festival

Free Food? Count me in – Taste of the Caye Food Festival

I absolutely love that we get to do many events early on Ambergris. By dark, I am usually ready for a hot date with my smart tv 😀

The fact that the food festival ran from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm was right up my alley. Of course, free food did not hurt to get my attention either. The fact that I scored a ride in a hot rod to and from the event was also icing on the cake. So was the fact that I ended up with a sweet iced roll to go. Now back to the beginning.

Taste of the Caye Annual Food Festival

The weather was perfect, nicely overcast with no real threat of rain. My friend Denise and I along with a good-sized crowd were treated to an hour and a half of sampling delicious cuisine from several local Ambergris Caye restaurants. All the yumminess was paired with live Garifuna music. The event took place beachfront of the Belize Marriott Sales office and was Hosted by Grand Baymen Belize along with ECI Development, and Belize Marriott Residences.

Onto the good stuff free food and who was serving it. Participants included Iguana Juan’s Restaurant & Bar, Casa Picasso, Annies, Pastry, and Waraguma. Along with entertainment and an exhibit from Black & White Cultural Entertainment Center.

We Started at an island favorite to many. Some of you may not know, Casa Picasso has moved to a new location, basically across the street from where we were. (Beside Exotic Caye and Crazy Canucks, North of Road Kill Bar on the same side of the street). They were serving up a tasty trio of a lettuce wrap, burger bite, and pork belly.

Taste of the Caye Food Festival

As we signed into the event, we were given two free drink tickets so we headed over to the bar. My friend Denise got a Belikin and I got h20. After the two drinks were up, people were welcome to purchase more and all proceeds were to benefit Hope Haven Shelter.

Taste of the Caye Food Festival

Next came a neighborhood treat for me, Iguana Juans. They are known for their thoughtful burgers, and tasty vegetarian food (my friend Dennis verified they serve his fav vegetarian burrito on the island). This is also a great place to catch live shows, Iguana Juans often has stand-up comedy and live music nights. Our pork slider came with some yummy pineapple salsa. Of course, that did not last long in my hands 😀

Taste of the Caye Food Festival

Beside Juans, we found a really yummy treat, chocolate crocodiles by Belize Chocolate Company. Of course, we absolutely had to buy a couple. Especially since proceeds were going to our friends at the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES). Miraculously my dark chocolate crocodile lasted till the following evening.

Taste of the Caye Food Festival

While enjoying free food and drinks, we were also being treated to great live music courtesy of the Black & White Cultural Entertainment Center and Restaurant. During the event, they performed a cultural concert of Garifuna drumming and dancing. B & W Restaurant is located down the laneway from Diamond Lodge. They offer authentic Belizean Garifuna cooking. I had the opportunity to enjoy a meal there once and learn to cook Queen Conch, it was a fun experience.

Garifuna Culture Belize

Waruguma restaurant followed. This is also in my neighborhood and easy to find on the northwest end Back St. (Angel Coral St.). It’s is an excellent place to enjoy some local cooking. When it’s in season their giant Lobster Burrito is a global rave. Their shrimp tostadas are also good. That day they were serving delicious spinach pupusas and a fried Shrimp with pink sauce option. I got the pupusa as I wanted the heartier option. I was instantly attracted to their eco-friendly serving plates. Well done for literally going green 😀

Popular Local San Pedro Restaurant, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Last but not least Annies Pastry, located just north of San Pedro Town on the westside. I chose to visit their table at the very last minute so I could score a cinnamon roll to go. Denise and I laughed about how “old lady” that was. However, she was happy to have a pinch of it and I enjoyed half that night and the rest as my breakfast dessert the next morning. A perfect bit of sweet after my $5 hashbrown burrito from Mr. Deli by Wings.

Taste of the Caye Food Festival

Next #TasteOfTheCaye

Keep watch for the next Taste of the Caye festival. It is scheduled to happen Thursday, November 15th from 4:00 – 5:30 pm at the Marriott Sales Office (next to Exotic Caye Beach Resort/Crazy Canucks’ across from Road Kill Bar).

Ambergris Caye Belize

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