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A Bittersweet Joyride

Over the years I have met and become friends with many people who have deep roots here in one way or another. Recently one of them came back for a visit, it was definitely bittersweet and a bit of a whirlwind. Thankfully we crossed paths briefly a couple of times while Deb was here.

The last time came as an offer to cook dinner at my house and go for a Sunday drive first along with another friend Percy. She knows the way to my heart 😀 I absolutely love that I have friends who like to plan small dinner parties and cook at my place – beyond lucky. Now onto the fun stuff……

South Ambergris Caye Joyride

It was a perfect day to take a long drive on roads less traveled. Deb set south as our destination. This first pic was a fast stop to see if we could catch JudyAnn from Black Orchid Restaurant but a sorry I missed you face by the sign was our end result.

Popular Ambergris Caye Belize Restaurant

We agreed to go further and work our way back to one of Deb’s favorite southern beach bars, that was the main thing she wanted to see. As we were driving, it ended up being a spur of the moment decision to turn off the main road and pop in at Playa De Sala. This lagoonside adults-only 5 room boutique hotel has a great rooftop for a drink. Last time both of us were at 3Sixty lounge bar together, it was still in concept. They did a great job of finishing it.

Adult Only Boutique Ambergris Caye Belize Accomodations

It is such a stylish well-designed building, so many cool angles. We both agreed had it been just the two of us we would have been up for some of Dean’s yummy cooking at Wind and Fire Kitchen which serves the bar and hotel. However, our driver friend Percy was getting hungry so that got us rolling north again and back towards my kitchen.

Ambergris Caye Restaurants

Sometimes my friends decide I need a specific picture, knowing I will blog it. This next one Deb made Percy pull over so I could capture the fun food-themed balloon arch for James party.

South Ambergris Caye

Next came a favorite almost hidden road. As the main road jogs east a second before going south again, not many people realize there is a small road there. It runs parallel to the sea and has a cool park area that is always very serene looking.

South Ambergris Caye

Also some really nice houses on that road. I love the wrought iron gates on this one and the large seafront yard.

South Ambergris Caye

Pirates South Beach was the beach bar Deb had wanted to make sure we stopped at on our way back to town. It was one of her old relaxers when she lived here. It was a close bike ride from her old house and a must stop at on this trip to reminisce about time spent enjoying this nice stretch of beach.

South Ambergris Caye Restaurant

Of course, we had to do a fast last stop at Maria’s fruit market. A bit more bitter as she is one of the people Deb misses seeing – rich history between them. Our pitstop was also sweet as she gave us a pineapple to enjoy for our dessert.

South Ambergris Caye
South Ambergris Caye

After our ride, Deb cooked us a lovely shrimp and fish dinner with rice. Percy was a sous chef and I was in charge of getting another person to join us. Our other friend Denise hustled over quickly after her day at Secret Beach. She was also excited for someone else’s cooking and to see Deb again, it had been almost a year.

Leaving you with one last picture a weather screenshot. As you can see from the temps it has been downright steamy lately. Hopefully, we can catch a break and cool things down a bit before the hurricane season.

2 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Joyride

  1. Michael Rieck says:

    Been cold as hell in Chicago. I can’t wait until July, tell Maria we are coming.

    Mike and Deb

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