Casa Picasso Restaurant

Food Fantasy at Casa Picasso Restaurant

I’m still going strong since the Friday before Halloween and bringing you Party number 6. Without a doubt, Casa Picasso has the top 2 key ingredients of a great party locked down for their annual season kick-off event.

1.Food Fantasy

Who doesn’t like being continuous tray service of scrumptious goodies by delightful smiling waiters all night long?

  • Pork Belly Bites
  • Lettuce wraps
  • Salmon cucumber cream cheese bites
  • Korean BBQ Beef Tostones
  • Mini Banana Beignets
  • Custard Cream with blueberry compote

Absolute heaven each and every one – several times over 😉 We also had the best spot in the house – entrance area bar. It was nice and cool, we got to say hi to everyone coming and going. Most importantly it was a prime stop on the wait staff route 😀

Drinks were also part of the mix and they had the usual extended bar in the back room. This years signature cocktail for the party was the “Endless Summer.” Being a beach boys fan I totally would have gone for a virgin version. Unfortunately star bartender Jason said it would not translate. He knows my beverage style and immediately hit the mark suggesting a lime spritzer and told his crew to hook me up.

Endless Summer: Vodka, Lemonade, Chambord and Love….cause it ain’t summer if there ain’t no love’n! – Jason Malloy. Go see him at the Casa bar; you will be glad you did. He is very funny and personal as are the owners Jackie and Adam.

Click through to learn more more about the delicious foods served at Casa Picasso. Like their Facebook page to keep informed about their Thursday night tasting menu and other yummy stuff.

2. Great Social Butterfly Time

The second ingredient to a great party aside from fab food and drinks is people. There is never a shortage at this party and this year was no exception; in fact it seemed busier than last year.

It is such a hot spot to catch up with everyone at once and meet some cool new people. I had the opportunity to do just that.

At the time when the Grand Caribe crew of Cowboy Doug & Leisa (I’ve not seen them in ages) and Sheryl (new trainer) were leaving, Michael from Alabama appeared and we started chatting. As it turns out, he’d only been on the island for 4 hours and managed to get a golden ticket and hitch a ride with Wayo and Dee of Wayo’s Beach Bar and Aquavista Suites. I said “welcome to Sesame Street” and we proceeded to spend the night goofing around, enjoying good people watching and great conversation.

Due to a combination of feeling over partied and enjoying socializing, I took just enough pics to get one for the featured image (at the top of the page). I shot some video instead.

Enjoy my fun film noir and I mean that in the literal sense in both regards. Being a reading glasses wearing point and shoot girl it is always a crapshoot as to what I will end up with, in low lighting. I am also often filled with tech gremlins as was the case this time. When I downloaded my video footage there was no sound and everything was moving fast. To me, it was a good private joke from the universe as life has definitely been very fast-paced lately.

Speeding through the streets of San Pedro to get to Casa Picasso and some party footage.

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