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Hola from Venice Florida

Our flight from Belize to Florida with connecting flight in Atlanta was pretty easy. Everyone in Atlanta airport was really nice. We totally had to sprint to make our connecting flight though – sky train was not going fast enough. Luckily we arrived with a few min to spare. Paul was able to go for a smoke in the smoking room – he said just walking in there was enough to give him a nicotine buzz. While he did that I grabbed a crossword book  and a big Philly cheese steak sub with fries for the plane.

It was kind of funny on the first part of our trip we ended up in first row first class and the second part we were last row with no one around us – which was good cause we were being bit noisy and joking about.

We are on day 4 of our vacation – great seeing family and meeting Rob and Phil’s girlfriends. Today was a do nothing day after lots of shopping yesterday – found some good deals much needed new clothes. I noticed here the stores all seem to be giving you deals for buying multiples.

The VRBO Florida house we are staying at is really nice. There are a lot of golf course developments here where the houses have a built in golf course in the community. Since we were the last to arrive we ended up in the room with 2 single beds. Both of us found this very amusing and are now calling each other Ricky and Lucy.

Tonight we are going to Casey Key for seafood dinner.

4 thoughts on “Hola from Venice Florida

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Ryan. Storms were not too bad here yesterday. Someone my step dad knows in Lakeland was without power a long time. How was it in your area?

  2. cindy says:

    floaties, board games, crocodiles, crabs, live music under da palapa, coffee shop – are you sure you guys are on holiday – it looks like a parallel universe to me!

  3. RumShopRyan says:

    Welcome to Florida! I’m just an hour down the road from you guys. Hope the storms that came through today weren’t to bad on you guys.


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