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by tacogirl
San Pedro Fitness Club Pool Party

Noting like getting invited to a spur of the moment tropical birthday for a friends 60th. While a large portion of people are suffering through a polar vortex, and freezing their hineys off, us islanders were enjoying sunshine and palm trees. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

San Pedro Fitness Club Pool Party

It was an absolutely perfect day for lounging at the big pool – 80 °F or 26.67 °C. I did not suit up as I expected the water to be colder this time of year, however, it was surprisingly bath like. I enjoyed sitting in the shade dipping my feet watching everyone playing. Noting like giant inflatables to turn adults big kids – so much fun. Great present choice Carol.

San Pedro Fitness Club Pool Party

Many of you will know Eileen from the popular DandE’s frozen custard on Middle st. in town. She also teaches a great aquafit class and likes to share her toys.

There was also lots of spillage throughout the day, especially when trying to mount the large size pool floats. Pole and stair mounts became popular.

San Pedro Fitness Club Pool Party
San Pedro Fitness Club Pool Party

While the pool people played, others enjoyed cocktails, grazed and chatted. A few people brought some tasty homemade treats and other snackables.

San Pedro Fitness Club Pool Party
San Pedro Fitness Club Pool Party

Lots of smiling and laughter all afternoon. A perfect way to forget about the daily grind. Our photographer friend Karen Brodie below taking a slow Sunday ride across the pool.

Belize Photographer

This next picture came during a short periodic bout of narcolepsy. One of the things that as is prone to happen when you hit 60 and have been enjoying cocktails in the pool all afternoon 😀 (Plastic beverage containers were used in the pool.)

San Pedro Fitness Club Pool Party

Before long it was time for presents and cake. Eileen got some great gifts from her many admirers and a delicious chocolate cake from Casa Pan Dulce.

A short video, for those of you (and I know there are many,) who would have liked to be at the party but could not be there.

After the fact, I happened to catch this priceless picture on Tia Chocolate’s Instagram story. I say priceless, because if Tia had really decided to follow the floaties, she likely would have blended right in and known half the party. I love the fact that she is one of the big kids and never too old to have fun. Also I have taken a similar picture of a rocket popsicle floaty on Caye Caulker and know the same instant 5 year old floaty toy lust 😀

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Nancy Bur s March 18, 2019 - 2:00 pm

I feel very blessed to know my friend Eileen .its great she had such a wonderful day ! Filled with so much joy and love .


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