San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Fishing with Peter Graniel

Capt Jeff, DCG, Paul and I had a nice breakfast at Estelle’s then went fishing with Peter Graniel. We had a great time caught 46 snappers, and I did take some pictures but unfortunately my camera is holding them hostage right now – will not let me turn it on to get them. I spent my nap time trying to get it to work but did not have much luck so far – fingers still crossed as camera was working a bit better last few days till we went on the boat salt air definitly having an effect.

If you see pics between now and tomorrow morning, you know I got it working.

Capt Jeff and Paul take the lead

Stopped to pick up a hithchiker

Yum breakfast at Estels

Gorgeous day for fishing

Fishing crew ready to go

Walking to Capt Peter Graniel’s boat

Boarding the boat

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