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Fire the Grid

It is 3:35 am and San Pedro is still very quiet.

Paul and I are up as we are going to an early morning world wide meditation for fire the grid. Cindy and Paul have borrowed a golf cart and they will pick us up at 4:30 at the foot of our street to up head north to Kirsten’s property. The rest of the gang is coming by boat.

Kirsten is going to start off with saying something and then Zac and John will play drums and didgeriedoo while this is happening the group is free to do what feels comfortable to them, focusing some much needed positive energy on the earth. I am wearing my swimsuit as I have a feeling I may end up in the water.

I am off to play come internet backgammon and enjoy my iced coffee while I wake up a bit.

More to come…

6:13 pm

Paul, Cindy and Ben came to pick us up at 4:30 and we headed north in Jocks golf cart. We did not have to pay to go across the bridge as it was so early.

When we got close to Kirsten’s place we ran into Cathy she was headed there too.

There was already a big group of people there and they expanded the circle to make more room. I counted 17 of us which is fitting as it is the 17th today. Kirsten drew a circle in the middle and asked said who ever wanted to could get something from nature to put in the circle. I got a piece of bamboo and a piece of driftwood.

Next Kirsten led the group in a meditation, John and Zac started playing. At this point some of us were starting to do our own thing and walking on the beach and such. Paul went to sit in the water to watch the sun come up. It was a really nice sunrise and I was glad we got up early enough to see it on this day at this time with these particular people. I stood in the water for a bit then decided to walk the beach and look for a souvenir of the morning. Not long after I found a cool piece of driftwood that looked like a Chinese mountain which is very fitting because we do an exercise in Tai Chi called picking up a mountain, so the fact that I found a mountain and picked it up was symbolic to me.

When the hour was done, we all chatted a bit and then Kirsten gave us a tour of her property and we got to see the cabanas and beach house. When it is all done it is going to be really great, they put a lot of thought into designing it all.

As we were making our way home we decided to stop off and say hi to Cathy at beach n kitchen and have a coffee. It is really nice there.

I was going to take pictures today but as luck would have it my camera came with me and my battery stayed at home. It was fate, some things you just do not need a picture of when you are there enjoying the moment.

This is as much as I can write at this time as I have to get ready to go play bingo.

The next morning…

We did not win at bingo and were pretty tired by the time we got to the black out card but we all had fun.

A bingo babe doing her happy dance for winning first game of the night

Lyrical King getting up close to check his numbers.

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