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Ever evolving

I was watching  the new Bruno Mars video Locked out of Heaven this morning and got thinking about the evolution of people over the course of time and on my blog, so many small world world stories out there.

Today’s post is an email from Brent, my Helena Montana weather man that illustrates how small the world is between Montana Belize.

Last year Brent and his girlfriend  Lisa offered that I could send them a couple of things to bring down on their Belize vacation. They were staying at Banana Beach Resort and happened to be at the  martini bar one night and saw Cowboy with his Big Sky trucker hat, which led to Montana talk. A few days later while dropping my portable ipod shuffle player and bikini top off at Grand Caribe, they bought a t-shirt for a friend at the pool Cowboy’s bar and grill and it turns out that random purchase led to a six degrees of separation moment which you can read about below. I am sure it will be further continued at El Divino with Cowboy Doug in May when Brent and Lisa return, looking forward to meeting you both this time around.

Hey you,

We just the other day booked our flight down so it’s fer sure nowJ  arriving May 2nd and staying until the 16th…  pretty good stint this timeJ
this time we have a relatively aggressive plan..unlike last time when we literally ate and drank for 10 days and didn’t really do much.  We are going to head to Belmopan for a night and visit the rum distillery I helped build back in 1992ish.  From there we are going to head to Flores for two nights and see Tikal park and tour the ruins and do the zip line deal.  Staying on the lake, can’t remember the name.  looks pretty cool… hope it’s safe@

Will be staying at the Banana Beach like last time… love that place.

Rest of the time will be doing what we do..wander from bar to bar and sample food and drink.

This time hope to run into you and have a drink.

It’s crazy…   the guy, named Doug, who I brought that shirt back from Cowboy Doug’s pool bar…  his parents know Cowboy Doug.  I will get their names before we come down.  Montana is small place…  like Belize.

Question…  for our inland travels would you advise booking flights in advance…?  Would rather not as we don’t know what days for sure..  but I guess we could if we needed to.

Well enough for now…  will be in touch.

As always..  if you need us to bring anything down let me knowJ


[B I opted to post a few Banana Beach picturess for you instead of your funny wine inspired pet pics that came with the email.]
banana beach reviews
Banana Beach Resort
belize restaurant
El Divino Restaurant
san pedro belize pictures
Pool time
fishing belize
Fishing off the dock
 banana beach resort belize reviews
Banana beach view from the dock


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