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More Easter Food Options and One Cute Kid
Barbecue Ribs

More Easter Food Options and One Cute Kid

Easter is a BIG holiday in Belize and everyone is making their Easter weekend plans. Many people from the mainland go coastal and come to Ambergris Caye for some beach time, traditionally on Easter weekend, beaches are people watching paradise, resorts are packed and golf cart rentals sold out. Ā A few people told me yesterday they are stocking up and will be avoiding the crowds in town. I am still undecided for plans, will likely try and make it down to the beach at some point if I do not get sucked into relaxing at home which is a strong runner up šŸ™‚

Dick and I stopped by to see Glen and he told us about his plans with family doing barbecue and going around town to check out all the action. While there I snapped a few pictures of Junior he is super cute and very smart for a little guy and knows how to wrap everyone around to his way of thinking.

For those that choose spending Easter on theĀ  mainland, this year marks the 85th annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. It isĀ Belize’s biggest cycling event and has been gaining international recognition.Ā  The popular annual race is organized by the Belize Cycling Association and is under the regulations of the International Cycling Union. To find out more about it go to – Giovanni Choto to defend Cross Country Title by the Guardian.

belize kids

Free at Last

lving in belize

Hanging out in Glen’s front yard

After Glen’s place we ran into Andrew and found out about another great Easter food option, barbecue will be happening Saturday 10am and Sunday from noon on at Banana Beach Resort. Sir Andrew will be doing ribs and sausage on the grill – yum. When you stop by and ask himĀ  about his cycling history he has some good stories to tell.

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Barbecue Ribs


  1. You Too Charlotte. Unfortunately will not end up doing rib’s going to Coco Loco’s for San Pedro Sailing Club Easter fun.

  2. Happy Easter, TG. Enjoy those ribs.

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