San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Don´t forget …

A bit of San Pedro information…

Pig Roast! Sunday April 20th

Monkey Bites is hosting another BBQ with an enormous 100lb PIG on our handmade Cuban inspired grill. There will be plenty of pork for all plus all the delicious fixings and ice cold beer to wash it down! Sunday April 20th at 3pm-6pm at Crazy Canucks Bar. 25$bz per person

Bloggers meet up is fantastic – everyone is so nice. We are all having fun snapping lot´s of pics. Toured the island in golf carts this morning then had a nice lunch at the Fisherman’s co-op on the water. We are on free time now and will meet up again later for drinks at Brisa’s also on the water then go eat at a Cuban place called Vinales. I am going to go have a walk then cat nap. We are both feeling great and happy to be on vacation.

Kelly and Flat Stanly

Heather and Wayne

Blogger Chiquita’s

Ready to roll

Lead cart -Mimi driving Jonna and Wayne in back


Great view



Off we go

Time to see more of Isla Mujeres

Driving to turtle farm

Purchasing feeding pellets and paying entry fee

Hungry turtles

Swimming in food pellets





Nice view

Blogger convoy

Big plant – water was heavenly

Small thatched roof building


Liz taking a picture


Sea spray

Shore line

Lizard on cliff

Michele feeding a lizard

Me feeding a lizard


2 lizards

Conch shell house

Great landscape

Sunday drive on a Saturday

Off to eat

Fisherman’s co-op

View at lunch

Not so round table

Meeting for drinks at Brisa’s

Going to Vinales to eat

Husband and Flat Stanley

Group shot

Pauls pork vinales

Heather explaining the game

Kelly (Cancun Canuck) goes for a steal

Everyone wants what I have ha ha – Loteria and swizzle sticks

It’s mine now

Jonna and Theresa who just stole the most wanted prize

B and Kelly – B quietly keeping his new coffee cup safe

Wayne on a quest to keep Loteria

Theresa and Husband who just took possession of Loteria game

Next stop Om bar

Nice design

Live Music

Cool bar

Upstairs at Om – across from us were lounge couches and they were playing a surfer doc on big screen

Good night

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