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Dogs and Cats of San Pedro have their cake and eat it too.

Friends of the Humane Society (FOTHS), launched their fundraising drive at the Savour San Pedro Food Festival last Saturday evening with a scrumptious stall that no one wanted to miss. One offer was some of the most delicious cakes and cookies by some of the best bakers in San Pedro.

Adults, children, tourists and pet owners all flocked to the stand to enjoy the creative collection of tasty treats. Not to be outdone, the dogs had their own selection of handmade, gourmet dog biscuits to choose from.

FOTHS is working hard to raise money to improve the facilities for SAGA Humane Society. As the island grows, so does the pressure on the Humane Society to provide a good service to the whole community. Even people who don’t particularly care for animals benefit greatly from the work that SAGA does to reduce the stray population of cats and dogs in San Pedro. This is why facilities need to be improved and expanded to ensure that the Humane Society can operate effectively and continue their difficult work.

FOTHS is thrilled to announce that $2065.45 was raised at this event and this is just the start as FOTHS is committed to “Helping our Pets One Step at a Time.” This wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support from both businesses and individuals who went out of their way to make sure the event was a huge success.

San Pedro Business Association kindly donated a stand to FOTHS for the event. Island Perk and Lime generously sold cakes to assist with the fund raising effort and Lime will continue to offer cake for sale at all times to raise further funds, so if you are feeling hungry, pop down to Lime and help a kitten or puppy by eating some cake. Make the sacrifice.

Beach n Kitchen and Casa Picasso took everything to a higher level by donating their absolutely top class cakes. Gecko Graphics ensured that everyone was fitted out in t-shirts and those cute t-shirts were designed by Conch Creative (available for sale for $25). Sew What donated luxurious hand-made, designer dog beds, which were snapped up and sold immediately. For the Beauty and the Beast raffle prize two great – spas’ contributed ” Black Orchid Spa and Pampered Paws, promising to make one owner and their pet beautiful for a day. Of course, humans weren’t the only contributors as the local celebrity, Bubba, of the beautiful book Birdwatching with Bubba 2.5 and his sidekick Elbert Greer donated 3 signed copies all of which sold out quickly. There are too many individuals to name, but FOTHS thanks every single of them for their huge hearts and thoughtful donations.

FOTHS is holding another fund raising extravaganza on the 22nd of February in Central Park. This will be a huge Sunday market with stalls and booths available to anyone who has anything to sell. FOTHS will raise money through the rental of booths and the $1 entry fee as well as raffles. Pop into Lime for further information or to reserve your booth.

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