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Dollar Collectors Wanted

For those of you who are watching the weather on Ambergris Caye – the sun is doing it’s best to stay out but we still have lots of clouds in the sky. I am hoping it will get a bit bluer so I can go out later and take more pictures – am content working for now though and getting lots done. It figures step away from emails for 5 minutes to start editing some of yesterdays 500 + pictures and already 3 more have come in – it never ends ha ha. In addition to work I have been chatting my cousin in Texas and Jo in Toronto off and on all morning. Jo changed my direction from editing pictures to doing a post for her – taken me a few hours to get it in place but almost ready to post. Jo and Heather from Direct Abundance are doing a Loonie  drive to help send Holy Cross kids to high school. They will be out collecting at Yonge and Dundas Square on August 6th 7:00 – 10:00 pm  and 7th  3:00 – 6:00 pm if you live in the area and want to go join the fun – contact info is listed on their site. I would like to ask all blog readers who would like to give back to Belize and the kids here to consider doing a simultaneous dollar drive that day [or night] and see how big our collective conscious can fill the bucket for this great cause. If you have kids get them involved [I am sure many of your kids know about Belize to some degree if not first hand] These girls have already sponsored a child in 2009 and created a scholarship program. Their goal is to send two students this year – lets help them push past that and raise Loads Loonies for Learning  – give a few more deserving kids a chance. [$500US to send a grade 8 student to high school for the year] If you are not up for organizing a dollar drive and still want to help you can easily do so on Direct Abundance PayPal just look to the right hand side of the Global Buddies Program information.

Every dollar raised will go directly to supporting education for those who otherwise could not afford it. These kids are the Faces of the Future – lets make it bright. While I am on the topic of Direct Abundance – here is a recent update from Heather Zwicker. Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Ours has been full of friendship and family times and wish the same for you. It has been some time since our last contact but know that we continue to move forward in our hopes of helping the children and families in San Mateo. I continue to move forward in hopes of developing the community of San Mateo into a cleaner and healthier place to live. I have recently been contacted by the Waste Water Garden Representative of Belize from the Plantary Coral Reef Foundation. He is interested in meeting in San Mateo and at Holy Cross to see how he can best support these places. I am excited about the knowledge and skills he brings with him. Lets hope the excitement and possibility of improvement continues. We have been contacted by GoVolunteering. They want to work together with Direct Abundance in providing volunteers to help us move our projects forward. It is always exciting to join up with others who are interested in improving the lives of others in need through volunteering. Pics below were taken while driving around town yesterday with Dick on the CG Esthetic mobile. Carole is getting ready to announce an upcoming special so stay tuned for details on that. Deni Eiley update with pictures coming by the end of the week.

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Belize

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  1. Heather Zwicker says:

    Thank you Laurie for your continued support and helping us get the word out about our ‘Loonies for Learning’ campaign. We will be donating EVERY dollar collected to the High School Scholarship program.

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