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Dinner Invite

Miss Sharon popped me the other day on the coconut phone to give us a dinner invite, she also invited Cindy and Paul as well so we are going to meet up at her place in 1/2 h for some yummy chili.

While on my travels with Miss Carole this afternoon we stopped at the Old French Bakery, so I picked up a french bread for us to bring.

Paul and I saw many friends on Sesame Street today and got an invite to a pig roast party on Sunday while in the immigration line. The post office was quite full, I was able to lessen their load by 1 envelope ha ha. Life in San Pedro is pretty good.

(Herb came to dinner as well, the chili Sharon made was great and after we all played a few rounds of scatagories which they gave me last night. A birthday present that got misplaced during the hurricane.)

You’ve got Mail

Front Street – Miss carole

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